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All posts tagged with corona

'Harmless' spirituality

8 months ago, for day 146 by Leonie Jonk 💘

The other day I found myself enraged by a Facebook post from a girl I've known since kindergarten. In it was a diatribe of how done she was with the Corona measures and she'd added a photo on it that compared two things. On one side it stated what things...

Day Eighty-two

11 months ago, for day 82 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Bikies Editing: Not needed Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: Well...that's what my story's about today So...yesterday... My other halfs friend came over. Which isn't new. He comes over every second weekend. This weekend was different. He was sent home from work last Friday because of Corona. He then tried...

Day Seventy-seven - It's like they're TRYING to kill us off.

11 months ago, for day 77 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Bikies Editing: Nope Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: We're FUUUUUCKED! This was my conversation with my sister today. It's TERRIFYING. She's already been told that if she gets Covid-19, that she HAS TO WORK STILL. She...

Shelter In Place: Day 0

11 months ago, for day 76 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Today my county along with 6 other counties and the City of Berkeley issued an order for everyone to "Shelter at their place of residence" for the next three weeks. Why "The City of Berkeley" was singled out when the city is in a county that was issuing the order...

Day Seventy-four - 'Herd Immunity'

11 months ago, for day 74 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Nope Editing: Nope Writing: Managing to do some Meds: Taken Virus: Things are getting interesting. The government's going for 'herd immunity', and you know it's bad when even the Vietnamese are scratching their heads and going WTF? I just got a call from my GP's office at TWO PM...