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A pasta dish to end wars 🍋

1 year ago, for day 30 by Freya 💎

When it comes to food, I'm a simple girl. I've never been a fan of mountains of cheese or rich, creamy desserts - due to slight lactose intolerance and preference of crispy, sweeter things. I'm not a fan of red meat or rich gravies, often opting for the pasta dish...


2 years ago, for day 116 by Asia

Today someone I love very much challenged me to make a new dish. I'd been talking about making brunch, and how much I'd been craving an omelet. I hadn't made one in a while as I was rationing my eggs, and was missing some of my favorite ingredients. In this...

Approximate culture

2 years ago, for day 33 by Alicja

While on a walk, I went into a store branded as European Foods. I've been craving some small homey pleasures, such as proper white cheese and kaiser buns, so I went in hopeful. I was mildly disappointed when it turned out to be yet another Russian specialty store. Finding real...