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Tags, on your posts

2 years ago, for day 33 by Owen

It's been a bit since I was feeling brave enough to add any major new stuff, but I've got something new for you that I think will help make writing lots of posts easier: custom tags! From right now, any post you make can have tags—as many as you want—which...

A quick congrats for a full year

2 years ago, for day 365 by Owen

When I started this site back in 2018–which feels like forever ago–I figured I'd get in the habit of writing for a few weeks at a time, in bursts, and meet some people along the way. I never thought anyone would write for 365 days in a row, let alone...

Hello, shorter word goals

2 years ago, for day 364 by Owen

Hey there, friends. I've missed you, and it's been a while. I moved to Canada this year, and got a new job over here in Toronto, which means my entire year somehow got sucked into a void of moving countries, navigating a new city, and finding my feet at a...