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This and that

1 week ago, for day 331 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

Not much is happening right now. I'm working for most of the day, and then at home, I watch Netflix. My wife currently has to write a paper to complete one of her classes, so she doesn't have much time right now. I helped with writing a mini-shell program for...

Birth control and relationships

1 week ago, for day 331 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I've been in relationships (3 in total) since I was 15 years old and up until I was 23 (if my math is correct) with only a break of 1 year between the last two. This is not quite true, because my first boyfriend broke up with me, but later...

NaNoWriMo - Moving along

1 week ago, for day 331 by Fiene ⚡

I am trying to wrap things up as best I can but I know that I will not have a proper ending when I reach the word count. Today I skipped over some explanations, mentally making a note for later, just so I could move the story along faster. I...

Indoor biking and more Hisoka's Deal

1 week ago, for day 332 by Sophie Clark ⚒

I have not gone out for my walk today, but I have used my pedal machine, so I'm going to say that counts for meeting it halfway. Still too ill to go out. Today's writing: "There!" Hisoka said excitedly, running to the other side of the basket and ignoring...

New Shiny #1

1 week ago, for day 331 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

Today is the day the "New Shiny" arrived. In this case a 128GB 7th Generation 10.2" iPad. Yes, of course I would like to have received the 11" iPad Pro but there again, as I was paying and I am - as always - on a budget, this is the...

Doctor and pool day

1 week ago, for day 330 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I've got a slamming migraine on the way and I really wish I didn't have to write today. But here I am anyway! I had an idea for a post, but I think I'll save that for tomorrow and just do a post about what I did today. I got...

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