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Hollandaise Sauce

3 days ago, for day 110 by Fiene

I love hollandaise sauce but I have yet to learn how to make it consistently. Sometimes it works beautifully on the first try, sometimes it just falls apart. Today, I messed it up three times before I finally got it but the result was absolutely worth it. This is the...

Another view of Copenhagen

3 days ago, for day 110 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen

Today I took a bus to Copenhagen with a classmate to visit another classmate. I've been to Copenhagen many times — my aunt and uncle used to live here and I've been here for school trips and other things like concerts. It's not a foreign city and yet I've always...

Quiet days

3 days ago, for day 110 by Vlad Fratila

Today, the sky was clear, a bit windy, almost chilly but not quite; nice enough for a little stroll to transform into a quiet day out and about. One street led to the next, and we're passing beyond buildings familiar to both of us, we're walking hand in hand, with...

EnthusiastiCon and When Harry Met Sally...

4 days ago, for day 110 by KTamas

I had brunch with a friend yesterday, who told me about EnthusiastiCon, which is (trying to be) the European !!Con. It's at the end of May, in Berlin, so I submitted my !!Con talk proposal to them. It's extremely likely that I'm going, whether my talk gets accepted or not...

The Missing Unicorn. Pt4

4 days ago, for day 110 by Carmen L Clark 💎

Following on from part 1, 2 and 3. Isobel approached carefully, coughed once, and said: "Hello! I'm Isobel." The Unicorn turned, a muscle on the side of its cheek stood out prominently as it clenched it's jaw. Each movement sent a shimmer of stardust spraying from it's shining coat....


4 days ago, for day 110 by Fred Rivett

I find myself waking this morning in an idyllic 16th century cottage in a beautiful countryside village with great friends I cherish whilst the birdsong whistles through the air and I reflect on just how blessed I am. People. I bloody love them. People mean so much to me. People...

Planning in life

4 days ago, for day 110 by Kent de Bruin

Doing is daily, planning is longterm. It is important to look ahead. A couple of years ago I read the book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' from Sean Covey. The second habit of the book is "Begin with the end in mind". Covey makes the distinction between mental first...

Oops I did it again (2 of 4)

4 days ago, for day 109 by Yorick Phoenix

This is a continuation of Part 1 I accidentally deleted 10 years of an iCloud iMessage thread, with what looked like no way to get it back. Next up my iPad Air. It had plenty of history as far as I could tell. Except nothing since mid Dec 2018. So...

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