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The Bathroom Continued

1 week ago, for day 89 by Fiene ⚑

The bathroom is still in the same state as yesterday. I have mixed feelings about this. The part of me that has accumulated years and years of domestic guilt cringes at the thought of having visitors use the bathroom right now. It is not a biohazard zone by any means...

Remove the personality from the home

1 week ago, for day 89 by Leonie Jonk πŸ’˜

Prepping your house for a move is such a strange thing. Bit by bit you remove all the things that made it home. One item at a time, one fix at a time, you take away the personality you spent months or years giving the place. The furniture that you...

Magic unfolding into more magic

1 week ago, for day 88 by Alicja ⚑

My ukulele classes have switch to virtual meetings as we can no longer meet in person - especially since most of the participants are in the most vulnerable group, being retirees. It was a fun experience and definitely more focused than usual, as the teacher would mute everyone while they...

Out of the mouths of babes

1 week ago, for day 88 by Neecee B πŸ’˜

Memories have been something I have been wading through the last few months . The memories I have from my childhood are rarely good. But I have wonderful memories of my children. My daughter is often the source of the memories in which there was a mix up. One story...

Shelter In Place: Day 12

1 week ago, for day 88 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Rolls of toilet paper left: 6 I made the mistake of going out shopping to get a few basic supplies. Things are getting back to normal with almost everything, except toilet paper/paper towels. The shelves are empty. Nevertheless, even if I run out I have backup plans. I may...

Malibu with milk

1 week ago, for day 87 by Alicja ⚑

I used to be ashamed of having to use meds to calm down. My brain is sometimes overly active and it flood me with information mixed up with a lot of emotions, which is just too much to bare. Yet it took me a long time to stop considering it...

Shelter In Place: Day 11

1 week ago, for day 87 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Rolls of toilet paper left: 6 Trips outside: 3. I went to collect the mail. I went to fix one of the outside surveillance cameras that had been knocked by a bird, cat, possum, squirrel etc and the third time was to cut some roses from the garden a...

Nurturing soil

1 week ago, for day 87 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen πŸ†

I'm currently having a mini Friday bar in my room. It's just me, my Switch, and my laptop plus one (1) gin&tonic. I spent today styling and repotting a cactus that has needed attention for quite a while now. Normally cacti have spikes and this one does too, but they...

Day Eighty-eight

1 week ago, for day 88 by Sophie Clark πŸ†

Bikies: Dane Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: Ramping up My other half's been 'furloughed' which means that he's on 80% base salary and legally can't work whilst he's on stasis with his company for three months. The bills are going to be extremely tight. His status with his company will...

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