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Idioms and Micro-dialects

2 days ago, for day 50 by Joseph Lynch 🚀

Last year some friends and I went away for a long weekend to stay in a cabin on part of Australia's rugged Southern coastline. We traveled in two cars and my carload was first to arrive. We had a few hours to kill prior to the others arriving so we...


2 days ago, for day 50 by Fred Rivett 🔥

Compromise is not an attractive word. It gives off the feeling of watered down, lukewarm outcomes where neither party really wins at all. But some level of compromise is guaranteed. None of us get to live our perfect lives. No-one lives flawlessly in some utopian world where everything is exactly...

Traducción de nominadas al Oscar, my review (1).

2 days ago, for day 49 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

*Roma: Amante de las películas, Roma me pareció un poema a la experiencia de ser mujer, al abandono de los hombres, al amor y a la soledad. Cleo, la protagonista y muchacha de la limpieza, es como un fantasma para la familia: una presencia constante pero invisible, incapaz de expresar...


2 days ago, for day 49 by Asia 🔥

I thought I'd follow you anywhere. But then I found I couldn't stay the path. It was littered with puddles, cracks, and sinkholes, The road tapering off to dead ends, Meandering to nowhere. But you never seemed to mind. "Spontaneity," you called it. There was a charm to it. For...

I Should Have Done This Earlier

2 days ago, for day 49 by Fiene 🔥

So this morning I woke up at 6:30. I got up and made myself my usual glass of lemon water as well as some coffee. While I waited for the water to boil, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit. We had had people over for brunch the day before...

On Procrastination

2 days ago, for day 49 by Carter Moore 🚀

If I remember correctly, I am a senior in high school when threatened by my institutional overlords with the possibility of not graduating. I am bright but lack the persistence to complete and invest in 'mandatory' homework, which many of my contemporaries who are looked at with appeal, seem to...

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