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The Missing Unicorn. Pt5

3 days ago, for day 111 by Sophie Clark

Previous , First "But why did you come here then? What was it you needed to do?" Isobel was curious, no longer scared of the unexpected character of the unicorn. "Well... " said Crustophe. " I will tell you but first I need you to do something for you...

Fun with Flags

3 days ago, for day 110 by Yorick Phoenix

We went for a long slow hike today, 4.88 miles, 1,055 ft of incline. I have a bad knee, it took a while but I did OK. Today was going to be a cooler day than Sunday so we decided that instead of doing the weekend catchup on Saturday and...

A new found and unexpected love: Baking

3 days ago, for day 110 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

Today we baked our first real bread: hot-cross buns, an English and therefore New Zealand tradition for Easter. The cross (made with sugar and egg) wasn't quite visible, but they were delicious. I was so pleasantly surprised, especially in my belly, ha. We have done banana bread and cookies, but...

Instagrammable places

3 days ago, for day 110 by Bartosz Łęcki

Today we woke up quite early — even before the alarm — and after getting ready we did move out to get some breakfast. We did eat at some kind-of local restaurant-chain called "Bill's". They have pretty lovely food, and we noticed that the waiter was super talkative — after...

Post Grad Experiment (3/5)

3 days ago, for day 110 by Aaron 💎

As Steven preps for graduation, he’s on the job hunt. Stevens stack of qualifications looks just like the next kid in line; Mostly B’s, one past summer internship, and member of several student organizations. And just like the others on the hunt, Steven is anxious and confused. Business and Marketing...

Hollandaise Sauce

3 days ago, for day 110 by Fiene

I love hollandaise sauce but I have yet to learn how to make it consistently. Sometimes it works beautifully on the first try, sometimes it just falls apart. Today, I messed it up three times before I finally got it but the result was absolutely worth it. This is the...

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