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We are fragile

1 week ago, for day 338 by Leonie Jonk 💘

Humans are fragile creatures. I don't mean that in the emotional sense but in the physical sense. Most creatures on earth are, at least all mammals are fragile in one way or another. As children we largely grow up without having to realise this. And although we grow aware of...

A little bit of everything gets overwhelming

1 week ago, for day 338 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I don't really know what I want to write about today, I just know I want to write now. I'm going to IKEA (of all places) to eat dinner with the friend I'm living with and one of his friends (I know that guy as well since we all used...

Silence - more Chrollo/Hannibal

1 week ago, for day 339 by Sophie Clark ⚒

Walkies: Didn't happen Editing: Procrastinated Writing: Just enough Day: Getting deleted. Chrollo smiled at Dr. Lecter and tilted his head as he asked, "That is true that; we look after our own...are you saying that you are also from my City, Doctor? I have to admit I would never...

Mortgage Hacking

1 week ago, for day 338 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

I'm still sick, apologies if this is more rambling than coherence. I saw a tweet the other day about considering a 15 year mortgage over a 30 year mortgage because off all the interest you would save and this person wasn't sure if they were crazy to advise on...

Primitive language

1 week ago, for day 337 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

Today I was trying to solve another challenge on the advent of code. It's all about figuring out manhattan distance — a distance that is only horizontal or vertical — in the electric system between the starting point and the closest intersection where two wires cross. Task seems relatively simple,...

Journaling Again

1 week ago, for day 337 by Fiene ⚡

Today I got out my bullet journal from 2018 and set up a new one to use for the remainder of 2019 and the first bits of 2020. My 2018 journal was very pretty even though I am mostly a utilitarian bullet journaler. I had kept notes on several bokes...

WriteTogether is not a competition

1 week ago, for day 337 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

When I started writing in January I looked a lot at the 'Top 2019 writers'. I saw everyone there as my competition. I had decided I would make it a year and it would be even better if I was the only one who managed. I know this is a...

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