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One step forward, two steps back

1 week ago, for day 44 by Leonie Jonk 💘

I must have used this title before. It certainly feels like an old record to me. The meeting with the reintegration coach went well and I look forward to working with her. It seems like she has a lot of resources and knowledge on coaching someone with Burnout (luckily because...


1 week ago, for day 43 by Alicja ✨

Sometimes I find it hard to be properly recognized for my work. It's not that I'm being paid unfairly or my accomplishments are being ignored by the higher-ups, but a lot of people who work in the same industry and similar roles seem to have a different value system when...

There's no power in the 'verse can stop me

1 week ago, for day 43 by Vlad Fratila ✨

I finally bought the Firefly comics. Any Browncoats out there?

One Word at a Time

1 week ago, for day 43 by Fiene ⚡

The power of listening


1 week ago, for day 43 by Leonie Jonk 💘

It's been a while since I posted and I'll admit I miss the community. I've been struggling with my energy quite a bit and what isn't absolutely necessary tends to get dropped and since screens are hard and writing isn't a priority, it gets dropped first. As I said I've...


1 week ago, for day 42 by Alicja ✨

One would think the hardest thing about getting started on running is running. After all, given the average fitness level, most people probably start having some issues around their third or maybe fifth minute of consecutive running. And that's if they're moderately healthy. I used to start breathing heavily around...

Finding focus

1 week ago, for day 41 by Alicja ✨

The conversation about the next steps in my career came up recently and it got me thinking. What do I want to be doing in a few years? I'm not going to get better at things I don't spend my time on. And since I'm the only person who knows...