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6 days ago, for day 229 by Bartosz Łęcki

I woke up really early today. Even though I started my holidays, I still wake up at around similar hour as I go the work. I even set an alarm for later hour but not that late since I wanted to read a book in the morning. I wake up...

Spirited Discussions

6 days ago, for day 229 by Fiene

I want to learn to have more of those without feeling as uncomfortable as I do. As soon as a discussion gets heated, I sort of feel like I am getting into a fight. Something gets muddled in my mind and frustration overrides my capacity to think clearly and dismantle...

Canada, day 1: the first full day in Toronto

6 days ago, for day 229 by KTamas

I woke up earlier than I should, though I guess with the jetlag it's pretty understandable. I was still tired, grumpy, depressed and hungry. I decided to address the last one first; after munching on the complimentary chocolate chip cookie I got with my room yesterday I took the elevator...

Silence - Start of Session One

1 week ago, for day 229 by Sophie Clark

Sebastian looked up from Ryuuu Ishida's file and noted the time. It was 1 pm, and the man in question was waiting outside his door. He knew he was there; he could feel his Zaidan through the wall. He wondered what he would be like when he wasn’t lying still...

Ants in the Bathroom

1 week ago, for day 228 by Yorick Phoenix

"Ants in the Bathroom Don't blame me" Alternative lyrics to a song by The Beat Yesterdays morning routine was upset by cries of woe from the direction of the bathroom. There were ants in the bath. My wife doesn't like to share her shower with any...

No more summer

1 week ago, for day 228 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen

I saw the weather forecast​. Summer is over. It's going to be 17-20 degrees for the next while. I don't feel ready. It's like summer is never long enough and winter is endless. Stretched out to cover most of the year. I'm done with winter as soon as it arrives,...

New Improv Up; Productivity with Things 3

1 week ago, for day 228 by JEREMY HATCH

Today has been an extremely productive day, starting with the fact that I recorded and posted a new piano improvisation, my first one in two weeks due to the surgery. It felt good to complete something creative. I do think that part of the creative malaise I described yesterday has...


1 week ago, for day 228 by Bartosz Łęcki

So today I start full two weeks of holidays. Sixteen days of chilling, eating pizza, taking some sun rays, drinking wine and eating delicious gelato in Italy. But our flight is on Tuesday, I got ahead of myself. Right now, I will just lie on the couch for the weekend...

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