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DGTL festival

3 days ago, for day 111 by Kent de Bruin

Yesterday I went to DGTL festival in Amsterdam. It was my first festival of the year and it was absolutely beautiful weather. 25 degrees, out in the sun and excellent music. Today, the day after has been one of these days where you don't do jack shit. I laid down...

The Missing Unicorn - Part 7

3 days ago, for day 111 by Carmen L Clark 💎

Following on from Part 6. You understand nothing." "I understand enough." replied Crustophe sternly, finding his footing. Flynn felt that he was getting nowhere. He felt Isobel returning, and he addressed the Unicorn quickly: "You will ask her for a photo of her mother, and then you will go back."...

So blessed

3 days ago, for day 111 by Fred Rivett

I’ve just got back from a long weekend with friends, and my heart is full. God has been good. An idea that started only a couple of weeks ago became real, and I’m so glad it did. We’ve spoken about going away many times before. Normally it’s just that, chat,...

Post Grad Experiment (4/5)

3 days ago, for day 111 by Aaron 💎

First, finish school. Close off the semester and gratulate. Next, continue to be a student. Adopt the student schedule and lifestyle for the next three months. Use this time and lifestyle flexibility to explore what you’re interested in. If you don’t have a burning interest or desire, pick the first...

A Sucker For a Transformation

3 days ago, for day 111 by Fiene

I love makeover shows. Love, Love Love them. They are my favourite thing to watch when I am feeling a little down, need a pick-me-up, a little boost of good cheer and human spirit. I realize that not everything can be fixed with a new lipstick, fab clothes, or new...

"Everyone is a designer today"

3 days ago, for day 111 by Leonie Jonk 🚀

"Even my mom!" Read the front page of my newspaper magazine. Last weeks whole issue was dedicated to how simple it was these days to be a designer. They even let 80% of the issue be designed by the mother of one of the designers of famed creative agency KesselsKramer....

The Missing Unicorn - pt 6

3 days ago, for day 111 by Vlad Fratila

Previous, First "You didn't have to come!" Flynn said defensively. "Yes," Crustophe snarled. "I did, and you know it. You know what's happening back home, it's why you are here. I will die a thousand times before I let Her win." "Let who win?" asked Isobel innocently. "Oh, so...

Not a bad Saturday

3 days ago, for day 111 by KTamas

Yesterday I started my day at the special pharmacy, where I picked up my ADHD medication. It's special because they are not a regular pharmacy, but one that imports medication from Austria and Germany. You give them your prescription, tell them how many boxes you want, and give them the...

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