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Slow boat to Catalina

5 days ago, for day 286 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

Frustrating day, very frustrating. Hopefully that I'm getting close to the Catalina shore, I have everything that needed to be migrate, migrated. Everything is backed up, I can always wind back the install by restoring my backup image. However, I'm only going to feel totally safe if I could still...


5 days ago, for day 286 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

I wanted to get up quite early, around 9 am. I know, for many people this is late hour but for me, on a weekend, it's quite early. Did it work? Of course not, I was sleeping till 11am. I think I needed that a little bit since last two...

Relaxed weekend

5 days ago, for day 286 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I’ve had a nice and relaxed weekend. I got to sleep in yesterday and then had a great afternoon and evening with a couple of friends. We ate dinner, had drinks and then we watched Joker. I guess it’s a good movie? It’s not as good as everyone had made...

XOXO 2019: Part 6 - Saturday

5 days ago, for day 286 by KTamas 🤯

I woke up around 8:30 to a horrible nightmare, in which I was banned from XOXO because I tried to sneak someone I know who's an asshole. On the way to Rev Hall, I took a duckface selfie for Jan, who couldn't come this year. I got to the venue...

Doing The Things

5 days ago, for day 286 by Fiene

This morning, I said I wanted to write. I haven't yet, and the urge to tidy up the dining room and clean the kitchen is almost overwhelming. Somehow, I sometimes treat writing like a strange reward. Maybe it's because I know it is good for me. Because I know it...

XOXO 2019: closing thoughts and #gratitude

5 days ago, for day 289 by KTamas 🤯

As I mentioned in the very first post, XOXO caught me at a particularly vulnerable and bad time, mental health-wise. Despite that, I had an overall amazing time at XOXO and for most of it, I managed to forget at least some of my worries and focus on spending time...

XOXO 2019: Part 8 - Monday

5 days ago, for day 288 by KTamas 🤯

I woke up way too early, around 7:30 and checked the Slack as the previous night there were talks of having breakfast together with the people who were still in town. After returning the coats I got from Pendelton, I made my way to La Luna Cafe where we basically...

Hawaii Time 3

5 days ago, for day 285 by V 🔥

3rd day in Hawaii. Today we did the Road to Hana again. It's a really beautiful highway with a lot of views and springs (and food stands) along the 3 hours+ it takes to drive it. We had already been here our first time in Maui but we hadn't gotten...

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