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Silence - Chrollo/Chilton

6 days ago, for day 337 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Success Editing: Success! Chrollo made sure to let his concern morph into reluctant reassurance. “Thank you, Doctor. You flatter me. I...” He looked down at the floor. “I lead a group of criminals. I hardly think that I can be called an influencer. I am not like you.”...

The Crown

1 week ago, for day 335 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

We finished watching the newest season of The Crown on Netflix. For those who don't know it's a series with various stories about Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family. I like it because of the drama mostly but also because of how well it's made. I was...

Random thought and feelings

1 week ago, for day 335 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I'm in Aarhus again with my friend Anders. Today my sister jokingly asked when we will get married. It won't ever happen, but right now we are two single people who don't mind a bit of company and dinner conversations. I think I'm in a mood today. I didn't get...

Follow Through

1 week ago, for day 335 by Fiene

I left the writing until late in the day again. I was not pleased with that, mostly because it always makes for at least half an hour of anxiety and noticeable procrastination before I then make a final push and get around to it. But get around to it I...

My recent media diet (Nov 2019)

1 week ago, for day 335 by KTamas 🤯

Previously: February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October) Time to catch up with things I've been watching/enjoying! I am shamelessly copying Kottke's format, with some minor changes. Anime Kimi No Na Wa. (Your Name.): This is still one of the best animes ever made. There is one...

A day of editing...

1 week ago, for day 336 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: No Lots of Editing: Yes “I’m sure we can find something,” Hisoka agreed easily, juggling the bags so that he could hold them in one hand and take Illumi’s again in his free one. “You were looking a bit frazzled in there. What would you like anything to...

Watch upgrade disperience

1 week ago, for day 335 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

My Series 5 watch arrived a day early. I wasn't got to get a Series 5. I had skipped the Series 4 as I was quite happy with my Series 3+LTE. The only things added seemed minor really. Even the series 5 always on screen was a meh feature that...

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