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A short story about @ow

1 year ago, for day 11 by Owen ✨

It's a struggle to write on a Friday night, so I thought I'd share a short story about how I ended up on Twitter with a short username (and verification) since I was asked how that works! My original Twitter username was something different: @finding_newo, which is a lot longer...

Being an Athlete Showed Me How Neglectful Tech Culture is Towards Health

1 year ago, for day 11 by Hannah Wei ✨

It's past 10pm while I'm writing this. My eyes feel droopy, as they should. Today started at 7:30am and was a long day. I went to train Muay Thai before grabbing brunch, followed by 5 hours of work and course readings, ate dinner and then went to a night yoga...

Why I Went Back to Reading Physical Books

1 year ago, for day 11 by Fiene ⚑

When I got my first Kindle, I was absolutely thrilled about it. So much more access to books. So much easier! I loved that I could just buy books through the Kindle directly, I loved that there were books available for free and I was thrilled that discovering new books...

Learning to swim

1 year ago, for day 11 by Adam πŸ’˜

When I started this job, I didn't have a clue. I had part of a clue. But not a whole clue. But I convinced everyone that I might be able to one day have a clue, and so I got the job. The hard bit came when I had to...

Smartphones have slowed down innovation prematurely in one area

1 year ago, for day 11 by Abhishek Maurya πŸ’˜

Smartphones these days are necessity. It is like blood in our body. We almost can't live without it. We still use it at least for calls and messaging. These multibillion dollar multinational smartphone brands have become so good in terms of tech and marketing, they have reached saturation in terms...

Should you outsource your devops?

1 year ago, for day 11 by Ryan Wilson πŸ’˜

(Today's post is going to take a technical turn as I'm gearing up for some blog posts related to a SaaS product I am working on building.) Development Operations, often referred to as devops, is the set of tasks regarding development and operation of a software application. For a traditional...

Small town memory

1 year ago, for day 11 by Mimi Dagger πŸ’˜

Returning to small-town life has its challenges--but I didn't expect mine to come in the form of my favorite clerk at 7-11. Yesterday as I was talking with her, she said, "You've been here before." As this was true at least four times this week she had to continue. "You...

Turning points (pt 4)

1 year ago, for day 11 by Leonie Jonk πŸ’˜

After my faux heart-attack things went downhill steadily. I tried to go about my daily life as I normally had, fooling myself (and everyone around me) that I could just 'push through it'. Eating became an insurmountable task. Almost everything was painful to eat or drink. I'd nibble on things,...

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