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Sooo, my friend just linked me to Write Together...

1 year ago, for day 2 by Sophie Clark πŸ†

I had a deal with my friend for the last two years that I'd write 200 words a day and that they'd hold me accountable for doing so. It worked wonders at the start. After a while, however, things slipped. Health concerns got in the way, and life happened. That...


1 year ago, for day 2 by michael lima πŸ’˜

Experiencing NYE outside of my hometown and away from my family and friends was quite different. New people, music, food, and atmosphere. I had thoughts of missing out at first and felt a pang of certain uneasiness. What seemed like a routine NYE celebration now had turned into a mad...

Hello words

1 year ago, for day 2 by Pedro Marques πŸ’˜

Pun intended. This is really hard for me. I built up my career writing and talking about design; and sometimes designing. Now here I'm trying to make sense of all 4 languages in my head while I write things with way too many commas in the language number 3. Portuguese...

My favorite newsletters

1 year ago, for day 2 by KTamas πŸ†

Newsletters are the new blogs, they say, and I hope not because I hate getting email. And yet there is ~content~ in newsletters, good content, so here's a few that I subscribe to and like. Charged - I guess this one needs no introduction to this community ;) -...

Bratton As Texture

1 year ago, for day 2 by Alex Singh πŸ’˜

I recently created an channel collecting as many instances of Benjamin Bratton's lectures as I could find on Youtube. The man, a professor in design theory currently running Strelka's New Normal program, has the perfect accent, content, delivery, and rhythm to be enjoyed as a background texture. The weight...


1 year ago, for day 2 by Fred Rivett ⚑

How can someone achieve their potential? What does it even mean to do so? Is potential something fixed, a ceiling we can't get past? A limit to where we can take ourselves? Does it exist in the background, like a tank, ready for us to fill up through our sweat...

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