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Usefulness of computer science degree

1 year ago, for day 2 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

After high school, I moved to a bigger city Poznań in Poland to study computer science at a university. I was excited, naive teenager that though that he will learn needed skills and information at that university. I was only partly wrong. I was studying there for three and a...

In the wee hours of January 2nd...

1 year ago, for day 2 by Peter Donoghue 💘

Setting goals is really difficult- right? I'm sat in the wee hours of January 2nd, listening to the pouring rain outside and have decided that I'll start writing in 2019. Had you asked me yesterday? I had written out my "perfect day" as a solo founder and was going to...

What do you wish for?

1 year ago, for day 2 by Ben Ellis 💘

I’m going to be on a podcast in 10 days, and the last question I’ll be asked to end the episode is, “what do you wish for?”. I’ve heard different answers to that question: previous interviewees have mentioned love, stability, peace in their community. I vaguely remember someone saying, “to...

Here we go again...

1 year ago, for day 2 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

It's time to write again, and I'm not ready. It's past 11am so I can't claim that it's too early, but still I'm not ready. Well, actually I am ready, I've been ready since 5 minutes after yesterdays post but now I have had to wait and in the intervening...

Living oceans away

1 year ago, for day 2 by Owen

Almost five years ago, I hopped on a plane from New Zealand not really thinking twice about it – I'd be back in two years or so, I figured. I was moving blindly from Wellington, New Zealand to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to pursue... something? It's hard to say exactly what...

Planning interactive fiction

1 year ago, for day 2 by Dan Hett 💘

I'm in the very early stages of writing my huge new interactive fiction project Closed Hands, alongside a much more experienced writer. Although I've written a lot of interactive fiction over the years, the projects have always been short sharp ones for game jams and similar. To my knowledge he's...

How to Craft your Annual Review

1 year ago, for day 2 by Matt Ragland 💘

This is my fourth year writing reviews. It’s one of the best things I do in December and January, giving me space to think about the year. What went right, what I missed, what I’m proud of and where I facepalm. Here it is if you want to read:

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