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Your challenge

11 months ago, for day 7 by Adam 💘

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write 300 words in ten minutes. Now, theoretically, that should be pretty easy right. 30 words a minute isn't a bad rate. It requires a new word to be on the page every 2 seconds. But the challenge will come...

Untranslatable words

11 months ago, for day 7 by Pedro Marques 💘

My previous post was about a word I created myself, so I thought, why not make a list with all my favorite untranslatable words? Here are my favorite words and their meaning is my own interpretation of it. Nevera (Croatian) - The oficial meaning is Heavy Storm but it is...

Fortnite: a gift, a curse, the new universe

11 months ago, for day 7 by Owen ✨

I've written about this game before on my own site, and if I'm honest, I'm writing about it now because that's what I'm idly playing (well, as I have been eliminated and instead watch my friends from far away finish the match). Fortnite is truly an incredible game for all...

A bunch of things I find really, really stupid.

11 months ago, for day 7 by Olly Browning 💘

Bathrooms: The fact that whoever designed the Dyson hand dryers had clearly never seen how gunky they get after a month so they could realise how dumb it is to put the plastic seam right in the centre of the product. The fact that people still install toilet seats in...

Remove distractions

11 months ago, for day 7 by Max ✨

I have one secret that I use to focus while at work, and I can teach it to you! It's simple and it will make you at least 10x more productive! Keep reading to find out how! Click bait-y enough? I do have one habit at work which helps me...

Some thoughts about commitment

11 months ago, for day 7 by Idean Vasef 💘

Every passing year, there's a laundry list of activities and goals that I said I would start getting into but I simply don't commit to. Hell, even organizing and keeping my apartment consistently clean being one of them. Let's run through some of them: 1) Exercise more often 2) Read...

Perspective, distance

11 months ago, for day 7 by Dan Hett 💘

Apologies in advance for this one, I'm sleepy and it's been a long day. But, I wanted to keep writing, even if some days it's pulled straight from brain to page. Now that New Year is finished, I'm writing more on Closed Hands, and there's a particular part of it...

Learning the "wrong" programming language

11 months ago, for day 7 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

In the past semester I've taken a 5 ECTS data science course where the goal has been to learn how to work with 'R' in RStudio. I've always been fascinated by well-crafted plots and visualizations and since I got to pick two electives, I made this data science course one...

Writing Good or Writing Well?

11 months ago, for day 7 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

Just write and you'll get better they said. Owen said this was the way. Neil Gaiman said it in a commencement speech and encouraged everyone to go make good art. Is this really the only way, commit yourself to writing something everyday regardless of the quality? Apart from the endless...

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