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A little bit of nothing

4 days ago, for day 173 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen βš’

I've been caught in my own poor planning. Again! Today's 300 words are brought to you from the local movie theater in Kolding. I'm here with a good friend and we're gonna watch booksmart. I hope it's as good as I've been promised - I've heard it's hilarious! Before we...

Trust The Universe

4 days ago, for day 173 by Fiene ⚑

I was musing this morning about what it means for me when I say I trust the universe to have my back. To me, living sometimes feels as if I were in one of those video games where the ground appears beneath the character's feet as they walk. With every...

Getting Boring -- Keep Us Awake!

4 days ago, for day 173 by Ergun πŸ’˜

The day you read this article, try not to do anything. Get off of the internet; turn off all electrical appliances and lights at home. If you have to go somewhere, don’t use motor vehicles, try to walk or use a bicycle. Don’t buy anything. Don’t speak with anybody; be...

Stop saying you're sorry

5 days ago, for day 172 by Yorick Phoenix βš’

I am getting really fed up with customer service nowadays. I'm not sure what it is. Is it outsourcing, bad training, low pay or lack of empowerment, I really don't know. There are a few good examples of good customer service. Southwest is well known for it, as is Amazon....


5 days ago, for day 172 by Bartosz Łęcki βš’

I did presentation today and it did go very well. Surprisingly when I got out on "stage", I was pretty calm and was able to speak freely about my topic. After it, I got couple congratulations so that's a nice way to start the weekend. But on the other hand,...

Writing Before The Drink

5 days ago, for day 172 by Fiene ⚑

I have been contemplating whether I should start my "restful afternoon" routine early today and just watch a favourite show and have a light summer drink. Then I decided that I should maybe write before I do that. My "I want to write" feeling is unlikely to increase after a...

Funding your employer

5 days ago, for day 171 by Yorick Phoenix βš’

A common incentive given to employees especially in tech companies and very especially in startups is stock options. I have always been of the opinion that they are worthless unless they are marketable. If you came up with the money to buy the options and pay the tax you would...

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