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New beginnings

1 day ago, for day 112 by Vlad Fratila ✨

I love to start a new project: the smell of new ideas, the cleanliness of a fresh start, the endless possibilities! What a joyful feeling! If only it could last, then we'd all be at peak productive power every day. But alas! it's not like that, is it? After a...

Urgh! The waiting.

1 day ago, for day 112 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen ⚑

Today was my last day in Copenhagen and I managed to finish my methodology chapter. It was 2,5 days late and I did get a shaming reminder email from my supervisor which was well-deserved, but now it's done. Or done enough to get a bit of feedback and then I'll...

I'm on drugs

2 days ago, for day 112 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

That is to say, ADHD drugs. Today is the first time in my life that I've taken medication for my newly acquired ADHD diagnosis. The ADHD has been with me all my life, of course, but I only found out about it a few weeks ago. It had been hiding...

A random bit from Silence of the Hunters

2 days ago, for day 112 by Sophie Clark ⚑

Miriam looked up from her book when she heard the sound of movement coming from the bed. Sebastian was sitting up, looking down at Ryuu with what appeared to be genuine affection. The man had bitten him until the sheets were bloody and fucked him so hard that she was...

Dumplings in The Soup

2 days ago, for day 112 by Fiene ⚑

One of the traditional dishes in this area is a beef stew with little dumplings in it. When I first got here, I did not like the dumplings at all. Now, a couple of years later, they are my favourite part of the whole soup. I guess, things grow on...

Blam audio speaker upgrade

2 days ago, for day 112 by Carmen L Clark πŸ’Ž

A little while ago I wrote about upgrading the speakers in my car to some high-quality replacements. I had this done on Friday at a fairly local car audio/accessories store that I'd found highly recommended on google. The reviews all said that the person who runs the shop, Neil, was...

Good days, bad days, work days

2 days ago, for day 112 by KTamas ⚑

It seems like the way things work for me is one good day for work followed by one bad day. Yesterday was great; I got a lot of things done, and was way more productive the day before. Today, I struggle to get started again. I think part of the...

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