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School Schedules for the Real World

1 day ago, for day 51 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

I'm a big fan of procrastination. I subscribe to the idea that procrastination is a defense mechanism to doing things that probably shouldn't be done. We're just letting nature take care of things. However, there are some things that are bad to procrastinate on. Anything related to the generation of...


1 day ago, for day 51 by Fred Rivett 🔥

Commitment is hard. For me at least. I naturally want to keep my options open. To be flexible, so I'm ready to respond to what happens tomorrow and not be tied down by what came yesterday. Overall I think this can be healthy. In many ways the ability to minimise...

A trip down memory lane

1 day ago, for day 51 by Leonie Jonk 🚀

I never spent much time wondering about what kind of child I was. I don't remember it very well, besides being teased a lot and loving comic books, there really wasn't much to contemplate. But over the past few days, I've been thinking about this topic a little bit more....

The Wonder of the Supermarket

1 day ago, for day 51 by Joseph Lynch 🚀

Walking into any supermarket, you tend to get bombarded with light, smells and activity - the kind of onslaught that leads to aimless wandering and impulse buys. The sensory overload is something we are familair with, but I have recently experienced a conceptual overload that is equally overwhelming. As a...

Novella No. 14

1 day ago, for day 50 by Asia 🔥

As mentioned in my post "Impromptu", I went to a writing community event tonight with Novella NYC. I thought I'd take this space to memorialize my experience at the event. Around 7PM, we crammed into Lively's storefront. Upon my arrival, I was given a slip of paper with author's name...

Oscares 2019: Black Panther y A Star is Born

1 day ago, for day 50 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

Black Panther: La idea de una nación en África que evitó sucumbir a la conquista de algún país blanco y continuó desarrollándose excluidos del resto del mundo, me pareció fascinante. Hacia el final, disfruté todavía más el mensaje de solidaridad que plantea la película. Sin contarles nada a los que...

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