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4 days ago, for day 287 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

I wrote so much yesterday about the voting that I didn't manage to write about the movie we watched yesterday. Just one small thing about voting is that final results came in and it seems that leftist party got even more than initial results shown. Seems really great but on...

Languages 30/31 (Everything else)

4 days ago, for day 287 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

Part 29 is here This is the start of the wrap up of everything else that I have either played with, avoided or skipped over. Mystery Pipeline Language Long ago I experimented with a language that fully supported data pipelining - the language was designed just for this purpose....

(Not) Getting Excited

4 days ago, for day 287 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I got an email today. It read: Dear Kirstine, Thank you very much for your application. We are impressed by your profile! Therefore, we would like to invite you to a 45 minute online interview. Then there was a link to schedule the meeting. I’ve got an appointment on the...

The Power At My Fingertips

4 days ago, for day 287 by Fiene

Have you ever had an ache, maybe in your back or your shoulders, that you just got used to over time? when you live with a certain type of discomfort for a long time, you stop noticing it. and then, maybe with a bit of yoga or a kiss from...

XOXO 2019: Part 7 - Sunday

4 days ago, for day 287 by KTamas 🤯

After getting to bed so late, I decided to sleep in, so I set an alarm for 10:45 am. The last few days have been eventful, and I was started getting sad about it being the last day of XOXO. I got to Rev Hall short after 11. I got...

Hawaii Part 4

4 days ago, for day 286 by V 🔥

Today I saw a eel. We went snorkeling (like basically every day because I love seeing the fishies before eating them) and the water was kinda sucky. Still, peeking out from among the rocks, a really cute eel suddenly appeared! Its face was like >° and it just stayed there...

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