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First post!

8 months ago, for day 3 by Idean Vasef 💘

I've been wanting to get into a good writing rhythm for a really long time now. A few months ago, I was writing about WordPress related topics for a friend's company blog. He owns an IT hosting company and I jumped at the opportunity to research, learn and write about...

Why I love Masterclass

8 months ago, for day 3 by Daniel Lett 💘

Masterclass, if you haven't heard of it, is a platform where you can go and take a class from the people who are the best in their field. Whether it's Serena Williams teaching tennis, Annie Leibovitz teaching portrait photography or Aaron Sorkin teaching screenwriting, I love watching these classes even...

Inequity by Design, Part 1

8 months ago, for day 3 by Asia ⚒

Living in an old and incredibly diverse city like New York for most of my life, I am confronted with brazen inequality on a regular basis. Circling the park in my neighborhood, I can observe markers from every socioeconomic group from poor to rich, and everything in between. Often the...

Taking chances

8 months ago, for day 3 by Chevy H. Rivas 💘

I tend to be an overthinker. Sometimes a heavy one. That is a fact. And right now I am in the middle of taking a chance for something I have always wanted to do. Should I risk many things for it? For once, I would take a financial risk that...

Democratising Design

8 months ago, for day 3 by Pedro Marques 💘

Working in a cross-functional team and being the only designer can be something quite challenging.How can you get useful feedback from peers that are not designers? How can you help them articulate their feedback so you can act on it and deliver the best solution? The biggest challenge is to...

Olly and the Great Tribulations of the Washing Machine

8 months ago, for day 3 by Olly Browning 💘

Dear lord, doesn't doing laundry suck? Let me tell you, if I ever got rich, the first thing I'd be doing wouldn't be dropping money on a nice new car or a brand new house. No, my first investment would be just to get someone else or some kind of...

Github Classroom for coding assignments

8 months ago, for day 3 by Max ✨

Applying for a tech job can be a nightmare. Almost every job I've applied to required me to do a coding assignment. It's usually not an enjoyable process. That's why I'm interested in helping improve the application process at my current job. I've tried to improve the coding assignment phase...

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