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Ode to my Glass of Lemon Water

8 months ago, for day 4 by Fiene ⚑

My journey to a slightly healthier lifestyle started with my trying out different habits, especially around morning rituals, that were supposed to help me feel more energized and overall more awake. While I have not been successful in making most of them stick - I do not think I will...

There and back again - part 1

8 months ago, for day 4 by KTamas 🀯

In January 2013 I moved from Hungary to Sweden, starting a new life with only two suitcases. In December 2016 I moved back to Hungary, something that I never thought I'd do. This is the story of finding home, losing home and then finding home again. -...

The Smartphone & The Nomad's Tent

8 months ago, for day 4 by Alex Singh πŸ’˜

"..the Tuareg tent serves not just as a shelter but as an important liminal object that negotiates relational, spatial and temporal boundaries in the lives of its owners. It’s creation, orientation, placement, and modifications are markers of both individual and institutional memory within Tuareg society." This quote, from a paper...

Black Velvet if you please

8 months ago, for day 4 by Sophie Clark βš’

"The way he moved, it was a Sin, so sweet and true"...The words of the song rang out in James's ears as he studiously ignored his two friends. Their attempts to persuade him to join them in their end of University plans were doomed to failure, but they were refusing...

I think I'm happy

8 months ago, for day 4 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

Days before the year end, I Bojack Horseman’d my entire wine cabinet. I know that doesn't count as therapy. I remember sitting on the living room floor, playing Bandersnatch, reeking of sadness and grief, yet feeling the dull contentment you get when you can still get away with drinking without...

Finding time

8 months ago, for day 4 by Adam πŸ’˜

Everything is shouting at me. There's so much to do. All the time. And even when there's nothing to do, there's still so much that could be done. So many possibilities. I could read a book, write a blog, tweet some more, play some Fortnite, chat to friends, do my...

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