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Forging relationships

7 months ago, for day 3 by Adam 💘

I often think about how relationships have changed in the last few years. Obviously the introduction of apps like Tinder and Bumble and all the others have changed how romantic relationships are formed almost beyond recognition. But friendships, too, have changed. It seems too obvious to point out that you...

The Potency of the Question

7 months ago, for day 3 by Alex Singh 💘

Who are you? Three simple, single syllable words. Yet when energized by the question's mark - ? - they come to life. Three simple, single syllable words that now have the power to make you analyze - and maybe even doubt - your very sense of self. A question that...


7 months ago, for day 3 by Pete Cohen 💘

I hung out at the local airport today, watching all of the private jets, lined up and getting ready for the rich people to go and do whatever it is that rich people who can afford private jets do. And then watching the Flying Doctors and Air Ambulance folks making...

On blogging, journaling, Evernote, todos and thinking in weeks

7 months ago, for day 3 by KTamas ⚒

Well, it's day 5 of my streak, and I have no idea what to write about. But they say you just have to start and eventually something will come out of it, so that's what I am doing now. Thing is, I have a blog, although I have not blogged...

Why do I fail?

7 months ago, for day 2 by Ergun 💘

I make a couple of starts up, but I fail all of them. I know how to code JavaScript, PHP, and how to use designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop. I created things that it fails. No kidding. I created Apps for IOS and Android but I got 0 users.....


7 months ago, for day 3 by Fred Rivett ⚡

Life's more exciting with an element of unpredictability. But too much can push us over to being dominated by fear of what comes next. Too much can lead us to lose focus, too much can be overwhelming. But an element of it can be good. I was chatting to a...

The Resolution

7 months ago, for day 2 by P 💘

I'm not a big fan of new year resolution. I can never stick with one for long. But I made a couple every year anyhow, to get some sense of minor accomplishment. This year's number one is to sleep early. Guess who slept at 6am last night? I used to...

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