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Why I quit the gym

8 months ago, for day 22 by Yorick Phoenix 🀯

A number of years ago in December I quit my Gym. Of course they don’t make it easy, the gym web site said that to cancel, I had to call. This reminded me of an episode of Friends where Chandler goes to the gym to quit his membership and takes...

it is cool but unethical

8 months ago, for day 22 by Pedro Marques πŸ’˜

With the years I came to realise what the tech industry is actually about and now I'm a bit depressed that I'm part of it. In my previous job I was in a team called persuasion, yes as creepy as it sounds; then moved to consumer psychology and proceeded to...


8 months ago, for day 22 by Olly Browning πŸ’˜

Good news: we have found a new flat to rent, made an offer on it, and it's even been accepted. Miraculous. Bad news: it's now thrown me into the hell that is going through the sign-up process, referencing, and the slight matter of having to pay 6 months rent upfront...

Why you shouldn't be afraid of the emdash

8 months ago, for day 22 by Owen ✨

There's about writing that people don't ever bother to really understand, but one of the most powerful pieces of punctuation that nobody takes the time to use? The humble emdash. You've probably heard of it, but never really bothered to Google it β€” why would you, it's a line after...

Brown study

8 months ago, for day 22 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

On days like today I sit in an empty room and listen to Kendrick Lamar with a candle lit on the living room floor, a single candle lighting my entire apartment. On days like today I just put my cancelling noise-cancelling headphones on, ask Alexa to play an album I’ve...

Learning to read (again)

8 months ago, for day 22 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🀯

Today my dad reminded me of the time I was struggling with learning how to read. I was probably around 7 or 8 years old and I felt this whole reading thing was stupid! I could speak and I was good at math, I shouldn't need more than that to...

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