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The Resolution

6 months ago, for day 2 by P 💘

I'm not a big fan of new year resolution. I can never stick with one for long. But I made a couple every year anyhow, to get some sense of minor accomplishment. This year's number one is to sleep early. Guess who slept at 6am last night? I used to...

Work In Progress

6 months ago, for day 2 by Asia ⚒

I suppose now is as good a time as any to admit it. I am a recovering emo kid. And it has been both the best and worst thing that has happened to my creativity. It's a popular and dangerous notion that to be a creator of any kind is...

About interdisciplinarity

6 months ago, for day 2 by Chevy H. Rivas 💘

Since I was in high school I found myself looking for many habits and passions, while many (if not most) of my classmates seemed to have clear activities and skills. This became even more evident when I started my degree in college, because my career in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication...

Writing for Day 2

6 months ago, for day 3 by Writer

I'm terrible at introductions. I don't like to introduce myself or ask how people are doing if I can simply tell by looking at a glance, not that there aren't people out there who are good at hiding their emotions, but most people seem to be ok or don't want...

Going back through the bad stuff

6 months ago, for day 2 by Olly Browning 💘

At about 8:30pm on New Year's Eve, right as my partner and I were about to head out for an NYE party, I hit a wall. All of a sudden I really didn't want to go out, really wasn't feeling optimistic about the year ahead, and all I wanted to...

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