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Re: Take Your Pills - My story of ADHD (Part 1 of 3)

7 months ago, for day 22 by KTamas 🀯

Owen wrote about his journey with AD(H)D and I figured I could tell my story as well, especially since no two AD(H)D stories are the same. *A note on terminology: I use ADHD, the DSM-IV and up uses ADHD as well, with a note that not everyone is "H." Instead,...

Linguistic Relativity

8 months ago, for day 21 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

A while back, I had a conversation with a friend on language and how language frames your mind. "Your set of vocabularies is the bottleneck of your expression and your experience with the world". This friend quickly pointed out how I can improve when I mentioned I cannot express my...

Truth and Social Media Outrage

8 months ago, for day 21 by Idean Vasef πŸ’˜

In the modern age of social media, It's so hard to find truth in the news. Yes, I lean left on the political spectrum but above all, I'm just a guy who wants to know the truth behind a story. The recent viral video (unofficially dubbed the 'MAGA Kids incident'...

On Productivity: The Value of Having a Coach

8 months ago, for day 22 by Hannah Wei ✨

I once hired a productivity coach to pull me out of a technology-induced, unproductive rut. There, I said it. To a younger me, this would have sounded ridiculous, after all, how can a mere coach replace something you fundamentally lack - motivation? But that's exactly the problem. Motivation is a...

Slow down

8 months ago, for day 22 by Fred Rivett ⚑

Life comes at you fast. Life comes at you fast, and we want it that way. We're not ready to slow down. We move from one distraction to the next. Time spent doing nothing? That's hard to do. We don't do that often. I'm writing this in the dark of...

Muddy Boots

8 months ago, for day 21 by Carter Moore ✨

It could have been more dangerous due to last night's rains, but thankfully most of the water had drained, leaving only a few places of thick mud to wade through. I'm glad I wore my Solomon's, though. Initially, I wasn't going to purchase them because that brand typically runs narrower...

γƒ γƒΌγƒ³γƒ©γ‚€γƒˆδΌθͺ¬

8 months ago, for day 21 by Asia βš’

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with the intersection between natural, celestial, and supernatural phenomena. For this reason, space has always been the most compelling subject. I begged my parents for a telescope, and one Christmas, they delivered. It wasn't nearly powerful enough to combat the...

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