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Lousy days and decisions

7 months ago, for day 22 by Mikk Lemberg 💘

I'm having a pretty lousy day. Well, that's not exactly true. Everything was fine; the morning started great. It was minus 18 degrees Celsius, but snowy and I walked to work during sunrise. So it was beautiful. (*Sun rises right before 9 A.M. at the moment in Tallinn, so no...

I loved my job and I still got a burnout

7 months ago, for day 22 by Leonie Jonk 💘

*This post is a draft for a Medium Article I'm working on. I'd love to get some eyes on it :) * Over 6 months ago I finished an almost complete draft of an article about burnout. I figured I'd finalize and post it when I was good and well...

How to Ask for Things

7 months ago, for day 22 by Fiene

Anyone who knows me will agree that I am very non-confrontational. I do not like conflict and sometimes I have a very hard time standing up for myself, even in the gentlest of ways. It took me a long time to understand that I can want things just because I...

Perfect Software Application Deployments

7 months ago, for day 22 by Ryan Wilson 💘

I'm passionate about about software. Since I was a child, I loved to build things. I loved to take things apart and understand how they were made. I stumbled upon software development in college and it's all I could have ever dreamed of. You get to build stuff so fast....

I love trains

7 months ago, for day 22 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

Even though recently I started using car sharing for much of my transportation needs I still prefer trains. Getting in one without having to be a couple of hours before in comparison to airplanes. Having a cellular connection almost all the time so I can get my work done. And...

Of Dolls and Men - Snippet Three.

7 months ago, for day 22 by Sophie Clark

I was going to attempt the second part of Jeff's concise writing prompt today, but I really need to get going with my main writing project. So, instead, I'm going to post what I've written on that. Summary of what you need to know: Evan is a blind British man...

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