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Confusion of who I am

5 months ago, for day 4 by Patrick Prince 💘

How can someone drop who they believe they are? I believe that who I think I am is the root cause of all my problems. Instead, I should be focused on the beauty of what is out in the world. The belief that I am a violent person does nothing...


5 months ago, for day 4 by Max ✨

Sometimes I can be working on a project and it goes really well. I'm interested in what I'm doing, it's just hard enough to require researching how to solve the problems that arise, but not so hard that I'm ever blocked for too long. And it's something that other people...


5 months ago, for day 4 by Fred Rivett ⚡

This year is the year of health, for me. Last year was a start, I went from no physical activity beyond walking to running 10k's regularly. But that was just a taster for this year. I've come to realise that we are far more able to influence circumstances than we...

Trip to Asia

5 months ago, for day 4 by Bartosz Łęcki ⚒

Last month I was the first time in my life in Asia. We traveled there with my wife for our honeymoon. We were in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. After the whole trip my perspective on Asia changed completely. I was born in Poland during 90's so I had...

Muay Thai Training Log #1

5 months ago, for day 4 by Hannah Wei ✨

My trainer today tried to fix an awkward pivot of my right foot while setting up a left kick. I've never trained with him before, as he usually partnered up with one of the taller Nak Muays at the gym. It turns out that I enjoy his style of technical...

throw the whole macbook away

5 months ago, for day 4 by sully 💘

A few days before Christmas, my macbook fell from my bed. It was in that split-second between waking up and waking up that I stretched my arms and knocked it over. The way it fell, it looked like nothing broke. I've dropped my iphone hundreds of times probably and I've...

Ode to my Glass of Lemon Water

5 months ago, for day 4 by Fiene ⚡

My journey to a slightly healthier lifestyle started with my trying out different habits, especially around morning rituals, that were supposed to help me feel more energized and overall more awake. While I have not been successful in making most of them stick - I do not think I will...

There and back again - part 1

5 months ago, for day 4 by KTamas ⚒

In January 2013 I moved from Hungary to Sweden, starting a new life with only two suitcases. In December 2016 I moved back to Hungary, something that I never thought I'd do. This is the story of finding home, losing home and then finding home again. -...

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