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Out In The Open

3 days ago, for day 14 by Fiene ⚑

Today, I told the rest of my family that I got married back in October. I also made a tiny announcement on facebook and told S and my mutual friends/colleagues who didn't already know. It feels good to have this out in public. I've been debating how to go about...

Slippery when wet

3 days ago, for day 13 by Alicja ✨

There is snow in Vancouver. I haven't seen fresh snowfall or felt below zero temperatures in a while. Almost forgot how refreshing it is to feel a cold breeze in the morning, while hurriedly walking towards the public transit. Canada is often perceived as the cold, snowy country up North,...

"Woof woof"

3 days ago, for day 13 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen πŸ†

My parents' dogs are currently going crazy. They're barking as if there's a cat inside the house, on the kitchen table eating something delicious; the cats live outside. ... Okay, I went to see what the fuzz was about because they didn't want to shut up. I thought they might...

Don't Think About It

4 days ago, for day 13 by Fiene ⚑

Sometimes, when I sit down to write, the headline still stumps me. I usually fill it in last, except on those occasions when I have a specific think in mind already. When I am a little zony, I keep staring at the blank headline field and just forget about skipping...

Irrational anger

4 days ago, for day 12 by Alicja ✨

I woke up to the sound of my cat vomiting all over the carpet. The vomiting was not unusual for him, as he often gets sick which the vet dismisses with a "cats will be cats" shrug that suggests me caring for my pet is unreasonable and I could get...

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