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Hawaii Final

2 days ago, for day 288 by V 🔥

We're back in the SF Bay Area. Our cats were super happy to see us 😻 😻 having cats makes traveling bittersweet because even when I'm far it's really hard to keep them out of your mind. It's like part of my heart always stays here with them. It's incredible...

Life writes best jokes

3 days ago, for day 288 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

There is a part in Polish politics landscape that was trying to get into parliament for last 25 or so years. Let's say that they are quite specific bunch of people. They have on one hand quite far-right economic beliefs which I suppose are somehow okay — living in a...

Languages 31/31 (the end?)

3 days ago, for day 288 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

Part 30 is here Languages I haven't used - well maybe glanced at, but never actually used are: Rust If I ever wanted to go back to writing things in C again I maybe tempted to learn Rust (or the next language below) instead, on the assumption that it...

30% cold

3 days ago, for day 288 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I had plans to write some flash fiction today, but I’m not feeling too well. For now, I just need to get done with my 300 words, so I can eat dinner (instant noodles), take a shower and go to bed. I hope I feel better tomorrow because the process...


3 days ago, for day 288 by Leonie Jonk 💘

Do you ever imagine what might happen if you’d just.. disappear? I do. I don’t mean taking your own life. Do something drastic and saddle the people in your life with the trauma of having to live on, forever unsure and heartbroken. I imagine what might happen if one day,...

Hawaii 5th

3 days ago, for day 287 by V 🔥

Last full day in Hawaii. Today we saw a huge school of fish. They were all silver and we're in a extremely long line. If you stood at its center you could look in both directions and it would keep going and going outside of your viewing range. I estimated...

Silence of the Hunters - Messages

4 days ago, for day 289 by Sophie Clark

21:09 To: Zeller So, how’s it going? 21:14 To: Miriam Not too bad so far, spotted our man and his boyfriend in the bar earlier, so I snuck into my room. Just been reading through those reports again. 21:16 To: Zeller Careful, they have long words in, ask...

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