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The no good day

1 day ago, for day 113 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

Today is just one of those days. After waking up an hour earlier than usual due to the boyfriend's stuffy nose, we lay around snoozing and then had our usual but delicious breakfast. Then as soon as he left for work I installed myself on the balcony to meditate in...

I need a project (and musings about NYC)

1 day ago, for day 113 by KTamas ⚑

Solo travel is the norm for me. I seldom travel with others. The reasons for this are both simple and complicated. I'm single, so I have no partner to travel with, but that's not an excuse: single friends band together and go on vacations all the time. I've almost never...

The Missing Unicorn - Part 8

1 day ago, for day 113 by Sophie Clark ⚑

Part 7 here "You were being over dramatic as unicorns so often are" Flynn stepped in arrogantly pointing his wand at him. "Ok," said Isobel rubbing her eyes. "I'll get you a photo now, you need to go back before anyone else notices you're here." "Isobel!" The cry came...

How do you measure your day?

1 day ago, for day 112 by Ivette Yanez Soria πŸš€

I was just thinking that any time I look back on my day in order to give myself a "grade" or qualify it, I have to think or how productive I was, especially in terms of socially accepted activities. What if I counted how many positive thoughts I had about...

Oops I did it again (3 of 4)

1 day ago, for day 112 by Yorick Phoenix ⚑

This is a continuation of Part 2 Having lost the entire message thread - all 10 years worth - I figured that iCloud backup was one of those situations where it should be the answer. I checked the iCloud backup status. Last backup was the afternoon before, that was before...

After Burnout

1 day ago, for day 112 by Asia πŸ’Ž

It's amazing to look over the writing I've done since the beginning of this year, and to witness the patterns that unfold from within. In observing the writing, I recognize that it is the one new routine that I've been able to maintain this year. I'd like to take this...

Getting back to Dublin

1 day ago, for day 112 by Bartosz Łęcki ⚑

We had to get up early and get ready fast so that we will be on time at the airport. We did fly out from the Stansted airport. For those who don't know, this is one of the larger airports placed "in" London, but it's distant β€” from our location,...

The Secret Life of Brown Kids

1 day ago, for day 112 by Fariha Rashid πŸš€

I feel like I need to say this is FULL of generalizations that are intrinsic and important to my experience. Even still, I know "brown people" that don't categorize into this big picture I paint BUT this is what I learned from my family and their friends.. When my in-laws...

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