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If I win 570 million DKK

2 days ago, for day 233 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen

This week the Eurojackpot price is at 570.000.000 DKK. That's a lot! My post today will mainly be me listing some of the things I'd like to spend the money on. I don't have crazy dreams, it's more money than I'd know what do do with. Still, it's nice to...

Mozzarella di buffala

2 days ago, for day 233 by Bartosz Łęcki

Jesus christ, I completely forgot how hot it can be in summer in countries like Italy. We woke up quite late to get a good night of sleep so we were going out before midday. We were walking in city when sun was in highest point so it was scorching...

A couple health “goals”

2 days ago, for day 233 by JEREMY HATCH

Well, another day full of errands and attention paid to re-establishing habits. But it feels like I’m getting back on track here along with ramping up my work schedule again. I’ve decided on a couple parameters for certain goals I alluded to a couple days ago. For physical fitness, I...

Do We Really Need Balance?

2 days ago, for day 233 by Fiene

I have always been a very tidal person. Both my moods and my physical energy can shift substantially from day to day, certainly from week to week. At work I am a burst of accomplishment on some days and nearly useless on others. I can always do the minimum, sure,...

macBook spring cleaning

3 days ago, for day 232 by Yorick Phoenix

Mac are not well known for their thermal handling. That is if they get hot the operating system automatically slows down the CPU so that it doesn't over-heat. I have been running into issues with my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) for a while. It's a solid machine and...


3 days ago, for day 232 by Bartosz Łęcki

And we landed in Naples. The air is so dry in comparison to Dublin and honestly I completely forgot about it. Our hotel is pretty nice, almost center of the city which is good because we will have close by to any good breakfast place. We woke up late because...

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