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A weather conversation. Short story.

20 hours ago, for day 51 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

The two of them are sitting across a table, a red and white squared tablecloth rests on it. What have you been watching lately on Netflix? Don't have Netflix, I cancelled it. I know, weird. It was just cheaper to go for Prime since I already pay for...

It’s now a thing

22 hours ago, for day 51 by Ben Ellis 🚀

I’ve been writing for 40 days now, give and take, and I think I have formed the habit now. Writing here is constantly on my mind. It’s on my mind when I plan evening drinks or when I get invited for events after work, because I don’t want to miss...


22 hours ago, for day 51 by Bartosz Łęcki 🔥

When we are kids we don't think about many things — our life is a lot simpler. I remember that biggest problem for me as kiddo was what game should I play today. No one told me that when I grow up, I will have to find a balance between...

Parents and ambitions

1 day ago, for day 51 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🔥

Earlier today I thought about how my parents treated me and my sister in regards to ambitions and achieving things. They never told us they expected us to get good grades or that they expected us to one day become lawyers or doctors. But despite it never being talked about...

On Skin Care

1 day ago, for day 51 by Hannah Wei 🔥

I used to be one of those all-natural people who drenched my face with witch hazel and moisturized with coconut oil. Partly because of my family's superstitions about 🚨harmful chemicals🚨, and partly due to pure laziness. When I started travelling a lot, especially when it got colder, my skin at...

Wedding from Hell

1 day ago, for day 51 by Sophie Clark 🔥

My friend is rather enjoying my portrayal of these characters...and I have to say, so am I. Today's post was the prompt: Wedding Dress. Chrollo admired his creation in the three large mirrors he'd arranged for this specific occasion. Golden eyes stared at him in stunned silence. The unfamiliar...

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