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Yellow Lined Mouse Mat

4 days ago, for day 50 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I have used a yellow lined writing pad as a mouse mat for at least the last seven years. This doubles as somewhere to make random notes as I work on stuff. My Apple Magic Mouse started going wonky the other day. The tracking was jumping all over the place,...

Dental surgery

5 days ago, for day 50 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen πŸ†

I've been scheduled for dental surgery on Monday the 24th of February at 11 o'clock. The appointment is for the removal of my 3 remaining wisdom teeth. The fourth one (or I guess the first one) was removed about 5 years ago. Back then I had it done at the...

The New Mop

5 days ago, for day 50 by Fiene ⚑

Until a few days ago, I had not gotten around to buying a mop for the apartment yet. I have wooden floors throughout and until now, I generally just washed them by hands, Cinderella-style, on my knees. I realise that this is one of those strange domestic leftovers from my...


5 days ago, for day 49 by Alicja ✨

I've had some trouble contextualizing my current situation, as I'm going through another wave of negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. Rather than fighting envy with shutting off or jumping into creating more and more, I decided to self-soothe the best way I can - by doing math. Math has...

Taking the Wrong Turn

6 days ago, for day 49 by Fiene ⚑

When I came home from work today, my husband and I decided to go out for DΓΆner. It was already somewhat late, we were both hungry, and neither of us felt like waiting for me to finish cooking. On our way to our local place, we took a turn that...

Change in writing habits for 2020

6 days ago, for day 49 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen πŸ†

Today's post will be a bit about how my writing habits have changed. It's loosely inspired by one of the writing prompts from the big sheet. Okay so in 2019 I made a lot of my posts during the last hour of the day, sometimes even too close to the...

Practising Gratitude

6 days ago, for day 49 by Leonie Jonk πŸ’˜

The house search continues and although I was smitten with the one house we got to view, the boyfriend wasn't so much. Specifically due to its lack of outside area and lack of space for him to tinker and hammer and do all his woodworking. So back to the rental...

Riders of Ash pt 2

6 days ago, for day 49 by Vlad Fratila ✨

There are times when younglings are obedient towards their masters, and they usually emerge with a better outlook for it. To learn from one's betters is indeed an easy way to learn, for they have been through life and can usually detect when something's amiss. There are those times when...