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What kind of work do you enjoy? Why is that work meaningful to you?

6 months ago, for day 15 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

I think about the nature and necessity of work a lot. I've been working since I was about 13 and held a lot of odd jobs before getting in to tech. So in the course of doing a lot of different things I've had some experiences to compare/contrast why I...

What does daily recovery for knowledge work look like?

6 months ago, for day 15 by Gwendolyn Weston πŸ’˜

Via a newsletter from Nadia Eghbal*, I came across this question from Jean Yang: " β€œwhat [does] recovery looks like for people whose work involves giving their minds, rather than their bodies, a beating.” Nadia, in her newsletter, echoes a lot of feelings that I've noticed about myself as well,...

Our Perception of Time

6 months ago, for day 15 by Eric Lima ✨

Time is a finicky thing. Our perception of time and how fast, or how slow it passes seems to often be linked to what we're doing at that specific moment. I think I safely assume that most people are intimately familiar with periods in their lives where they've been subjected...

At Lisbon airport

6 months ago, for day 16 by Mikk Lemberg πŸ’˜

Yesterday I was waiting for boarding at Lisbon airport. I had about 45 minutes to kill, and during that time I noticed myself being lost in thought. Yet, at the same time completely calm. I was just sitting at the Starbucks next to a cup of coffee. The more I...


6 months ago, for day 15 by Max ✨

In my limited work experience, I've had a lot (but not all types) of managers. It's interesting how other people handle the role of handling others. I had a really fun experience at my first gig. The work was really interesting and unique, working on cutting edge computer science stuff,...

Streaks and habits

6 months ago, for day 15 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I stopped writing. I went on a date last week. I mentally prepared myself for it to last a couple hours, maybe three. Before we knew it, a date that started at 6pm went on for 5 hours. The date went alright, but all I could think of towards the...

I'm mad at @owen

6 months ago, for day 15 by Yorick Phoenix βš’

Really I am. Today in todays Charged Tech newsletter he lead people to believe - from my reading - that an Apple Watch is no better than a FitBit on the basis that it is all about counting steps; they both count steps and counting steps has been debunked. The...

Supervised learning - ML

6 months ago, for day 15 by Pedro Marques πŸ’˜

Machine Learning can be seen as the science of helping computers discover patterns and relationships in data. As designers, patterns form a key element in our products, so having a good learning model in place is key for success. Basically, there are three ways in which machines can learn. You...

The joy of osteopathy

6 months ago, for day 15 by Adam πŸ’˜

I have to be honest. A few weeks ago, I didn't know what an osteopath was. Maybe I had an incling that they had something to do with joints, but definitely nothing more than that. Then my back started spasming suddenly and I realised that for months - maybe years...

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