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1 day ago, for day 348 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

It's that time of the year where those who celebrate Christmas might be writing wishlists. I've been asked by two people now (my aunt and my mom) about a wishlist for Christmas Eve this year. I have sent them a list with a few wishes, but I find it gets...

Hisoka's Deal. Pt7.

2 days ago, for day 348 by Sophie Clark ⚒

Walkies: Complete Editing: Complete Writing: Complete "I see you've both been enjoying yourselves," Chrollo said, looking over his morning coffee and not bothering to draw his robe closed. Illumi wouldn't care, Hisoka had seen him naked and Kurapika...he smirked behind the cover of taking another sip. Kurapika was blushing....

Christmas Cards

3 days ago, for day 346 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I recently decided I wanted to write some Christmas cards this year. One of my aunts sends me a card every year and I've heard from my dad that she's been a little annoyed that no one ever sends her one, so I thought that was a task I could...

Hisoka's Deal. Pt.7

3 days ago, for day 347 by Sophie Clark ⚒

Walkies: Complete (pedals!) Editing: Complete! Writing: Complete! Warnings for sexy-times ahead. "Illumi," Hisoka quivered. "Illumi!" It was all he could say, all he could think. The man was playing him like a harp, plucking at each and every string he possessed, and he loved it. "Illumi!" he cried, not...

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