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10 hours ago, for day 52 by Fred Rivett πŸ”₯

What does it mean to trust someone? What does that really look like? If you trust someone, then you feel safe with them. If you trust them to do something, you're confident they will. Trust and fear are opposites. If I fear, I do not trust that the outcome will...

On Turning Around Conference Team

10 hours ago, for day 52 by Hannah Wei πŸ”₯

*Aside: Today I argued with someone over whether event organizers should ask speakers to speak for free. In my experience, no, that's bullshit. Speakers may choose to volunteer their time, especially if they are backed by their corporation and don't care about an honorarium. That is their choice. But organizers...

My Neighborhood

14 hours ago, for day 51 by Carter Moore πŸš€

My neighborhood is new, at least to me. In a historical sense though, it's quite rich in modern antiquity and diversity, but being a recent transplant, I am confronted with its unfamiliarity each instance I leave my two-bedroom, one bathroom house. In recent years, NE Portland has been scrutinized for...


15 hours ago, for day 51 by Asia πŸ”₯

It hasn't been quite another week yet, but I present to you, yet another post about how tired I am! I was hoping that writing about the issue would help nudge me in the right direction, but unfortunately, it hasn't worked out that way. I think I've spent more words...

My Typical Morning Routine

17 hours ago, for day 51 by Eric Lima πŸ”₯

For a while now I've maintained a fairly regular morning routine and make sure to wake up at the same time each day, even on the weekend. I typically will fall asleep the night before between ten and eleven and have found that I don't sleep more than about six...

Galaxy S10 Foldable Phone

18 hours ago, for day 52 by Ry Van Veluwen πŸš€ Phones have been getting ever more refined - and this isn't a bad thing. The wild west of phones has been settling down as all the features converge into a user friendly slate of black glass that lasts all day and does whatever you need without getting in your...

The Music Stays With Me

19 hours ago, for day 51 by Fiene πŸ”₯

I am nine timezones and seven hearts away from my normal life. Nothing here in Seattle even remotely resembles my day to day life. The air tastes different, the apartment is different, the sounds of the city are far from what I am used to. This is the first time...

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