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1 day ago, for day 234 by Bartosz Łęcki ⚒

I'm not a fan of most coffees served in Italy frankly. Most of them are over-brewed or the quality of coffee seeds is lacking to say at least. I also don't understand the whole concept of drinking espressos — it's freaking thirty degrees outside, coffee is one of the last...

You do your best and we won't control you

1 day ago, for day 234 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen ⚒

I had a meeting today with the job center and a caseworker from my A-kasse. Both were very nice. I felt super lucky! Everyone from my A-kasse has been nice so far. The job center seems to deal with all types and as my sister told me when I complained:...

A New Year (in my life)

1 day ago, for day 234 by JEREMY HATCH ⚡

My 42nd birthday is on Saturday, and even though that's not a big round number, and nothing huge is happening in my life on the scale of the move last year, it still feels like I'm embarking on something new. I think it's the fact that my birthday comes at...

Silence - Zaiger's confession

2 days ago, for day 234 by Sophie Clark ⚒

"Well that's something we can definitely agree on then," Ryuu replied before pausing and looking at Zaiger curiously. "So I'm your secret gay lover now? Damn, I wish I'd actually put those rose petals on the bed like I was tempted to. Would that have won me brownie points?" he...

How To Make A Decision

2 days ago, for day 234 by Fiene ⚡

Making decisions can be pretty difficult. I think one of the reasons for that is that there often is a big difference between what we consider to be the pragmatic choice and what we actually want. We are so used to rationalizing what we want and justifying it pragmatically, that...

Auto Loan vs Cash Advance

2 days ago, for day 233 by Yorick Phoenix ⚒

In the US, at the moment, car loans for a used car run in the 4% ball-park over a typical 5 year loan period. If you take out a car loan for $10,000, paying 4% interest over 5 years it will consist of: payments of: $184 per-month a...

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