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2 months ago, for day 40 by Fred Rivett

"Comparison is the thief of joy." You'll have seen that on a poster, coffee cup, or instagram post, no doubt. Sayings like this can be a bit airy fairy at times. Ok cool. Whatever. The Pinterest-generation are reeling out another motivational quote. It's easy to glaze over, I know I...

The Flavours of the Mind.

2 months ago, for day 40 by Sophie Clark

Minds are interesting beings. They pass in and out of your life, without you ever really being aware of their presence...until they are gone. Some hit you like a brick, making an initial impact and leaving you stunned. Some are warm, soft and make you want to sink into them...

Recovering from Oversleeping

2 months ago, for day 40 by Fiene

This morning, I overslept by three hours. I almost missed an appointment because I had totally forgotten about it. I am not used to having things to do on a Saturday and I have been very "lenient" with my journal so things are not always as present in my mind...

On Photography

2 months ago, for day 40 by KTamas

My father is a semi-amateur photographer; I got my affinity towards photography from him. I grew up watching him taking pictures. After high school, I got a job and soon I had disposable income, so I got my first digital camera: the Olympus E-1. That was in 2008, and by...

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