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2 months ago, for day 40 by Ben Ellis πŸš€

I'm wearing an itchy jumper while making risotto with porcini mushrooms at 11:45pm. I've not come out of these clothes since last night. I went to see Boy Erased last night and it unearthed past trauma that I did not think I'd be dealing with over a weekend. I woke...

In a world of black cars, drive an orange mini...

2 months ago, for day 40 by Carmen L Clark πŸ’Ž

Yes, I do , I drive an orange MINI cooper ( these are often called "new MINI" but really they're not new now, the oldest ones are over 16 years old!) . To be precise the colour is called "Volcanic Orange". It is a bit bright and it also has...

Starting to plan for another vacation

2 months ago, for day 40 by Max ✨

Oh, how time flies. What I've been telling myself was always "4 months away" turns out to be a lot sooner! We've got to start planning for an upcoming vacation, which is logistically even more difficult than the last. Planning a trip is a lot of work and stress, as...

The photograph

2 months ago, for day 40 by Dan Hett πŸš€

David stops, surveying the scene in front of him. The street is empty, hastily evacuated - shop doors are still open, lights are on, but there's nothing moving except for the occasional sweep of the searchlight from the helicopter overhead. He looks closely and realises he's not alone here. Standing...

A small portal to the digital world

2 months ago, for day 40 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen ⚑

Okay, so today I'm not feeling too great β€” I thought things were getting better, but I guess not. I'm at my parents' place and I did bring my laptop to do the 300 words, but since I'm in bed it's easier to use my phone I guess. And that...

Reaching my own edge

2 months ago, for day 40 by James Scaur πŸš€

This is my last post... for a while. I hope to be back, but I have to cancel for now. Why? Well... 4 months ago, I quit my job. I moved to Georgia (the ex-Soviet country, not the state) to start a business with my friend. [We...

On Making Space for Love

2 months ago, for day 40 by Hannah Wei ✨

Someone asked me today when was the last time I had a partner. Three years ago? It's been a while, even longer if you count the last time I was in love. I felt bad. I felt like I had to have a good reason why I hadn't been in...

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