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Designing my life (8 of n)

4 months ago, for day 86 by Kent de Bruin ⚡

Designing the day Agenda everything Designing your life is all about time management, planning and picking the right goals. I come to believe that your agenda should have a central role in this. If you live from your agenda, you can manage your time more efficient. Where a to-do...

Who do I write for?

4 months ago, for day 86 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen ⚒

Once again I've managed to push writing until the last minute. Not last minute as in close to midnight, but as it the last thing I have to do before I go to bed. This does not result in the best writing. I need it over with so I can...

For The Love Of The Bots

4 months ago, for day 86 by Fiene ⚡

Whenever a bot texts me, something strange happens. My mind makes up a whole character for them, voice and mannerism included. I always thought that this was the way it was for everyone but apparently it isn't. For me, words on a page form sound in my head. I hear...

Got fired by my personal trainer today

4 months ago, for day 86 by KTamas ⚒

So my personal trainer fired me today, which was somewhat unexpected. On some level, it shouldn't have been; I've canceled a quite a few appointments in the last few weeks. So this is mostly on me. On the other hand, she never gave me any warnings, which I find unfair;...

Taking Roll Reduces Educational Value (1/2)

4 months ago, for day 86 by Aaron ⚡

As I currently sit in a lecture on the different types and sizes of shipping containers used for the sea transportation of goods, I look around to gauge my peer's interest or attention on the lecture. Not a single student is on their phone. Not a laptop in sight. The...

What should my first writing project be?

4 months ago, for day 86 by Vlad Fratila ✨

I tried really hard to keep this new writing thing going without thinking too much about it. But I can't do it any longer. My mind can't help but think ahead. I need to keep myself interested, but also grounded. So I figured I need to set my mind to...

Measure what matters

4 months ago, for day 86 by Fred Rivett ⚡

I'm ill. It's not too bad. Nothing dangerous or painful. Just the common cold. But I've not been ill like this in quite a while. My head is full of gunk, I'm tired and it's difficult to focus. At times like this I wonder whether it's better to push through...

Hisoka's Deal Ch3.Pt6.

4 months ago, for day 86 by Sophie Clark ⚒

Hisoka wanted to snarl. His hand moved on its own, and he felt his stomach clench, as, once again, his Nen was stripped from him, and he was locked into permanent Zetsu for the next five days. The silence was getting to Hisoka. Chrollo had left Shalnark, who was...

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