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I lost my bike

Today is a peaceful day before the storm comes. Woke up, meeting, bike to the Wavier cafe near Castro. The light and view make it officially one of my favorites working cafe in the city.

Good news is, I finished 1 makeup work for CS51, officially finish the debt! And I started my SS51 make up progress as well. I think I was quite productive in the end! ?

But the bad news is 1)But my bike got stolen. I forgot to bring my lock and thought it would be okay to leave on the street ** as long as I'm looking at it **. But it's not, just a glance, the bike is gone. I froze, think "no way!", and realized I should run out - still, not see anyone carrying it on the street.

I was fking pissed off by myself and the thief, but I didn't show that frustration out. I walk back to my seat inside cafe, the location where I can directly see where the bike pile is. I sat back, trying to focus on my shit. I tried to convince myself that it just an old bike.

But I'm actually fking pissed off by this. I'm angry, mostly to myself of making that decision. And I really trying to avoid thinking this lost, because of it hurts. The whole process is just a symbol that I avoid the face the truth.

I got really unproductive in the afternoon as well as evening. I lose the momentum I had yesterday. It's bad, I have to escape the loop of falling - in this crucial moment.

Come back. Forgive yourself of making this mistake. Forgive yourself for to relax over the semester so that you carry the debt of working in the last week of the semester. Be proud of yourself, kill bad things with your positivity.


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By Yueh Han Huang 💘


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