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Maybe I don't know the title yet

It time to reflect and continue building this writing habit. I was contemplating whether I had time to dedicate myself to this but it really doesn't take that much of a cognitive load. In fact, writing works really well to de-stress, unwind and 'prune' your mind.

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." and all that Hemingway malarkey.

Write together is really interesting. It would be good if your feed became relevant or you could go into different ones. Imagine being part of a 'write together' with a bunch of your fellow peers or thought leaders. Basically, twitter combined with medium on steroids.

The day before yesterday I watched a youtube video and it has helped me with my focus. It was a summary of a kind of old fashioned book, 'The 4 Disciplines of Execution'. The part that hit me was the Focus on your WIG (wildly important goal).

I paraphrase the video from 'Productivity Game'

"Imagine an airport. Aeroplanes are landing and taking off and taxi-ing around.

Now imagine you are an air traffic controller. You have to manage all those planes.

Each passenger in those planes would tell you they are the most important plane!

This represents an external or internal trigger.

Those planes may be urgent and important to those people. But only one plane is WILDLY important to you right now.

And that's the plane that is coming into land right now!

Focusing on and landing this one plane successfully makes all other planes seem secondary.

You need to start approaching work like this. Keeping all your urgent and less important tasks on your radar and doing the minimum you can do to stop them crashing.

Use your remaining energy to execute ONE wildly important goal."

This has provided a useful mental model for managing my life. It reminds me to ignore the pilots and clickbait that is in the way. You can only focus on one thing at a time if you wanna do it right.

This also reminds me of the Design of Everyday Things. I was listening to this on the treadmill today. The author, Don Norman, explained the difference between tasks and activities. Imagine going shopping. That is your activity. Going to the car, driving there, paying. These are all tasks that support the overarching goal.

Don Norman then explains how designers should design for activities, not tasks because of this yields better results probably because you are more focused on the problem and activities are more 'universal'?

Another interesting argument was that technology changes but people don't. I mean they do, but there's a lot of universalities. Obvious we have our cultures, discourse and values guiding us, but at the same time, humans are fundamentally the same in many ways.

He also talked about how complexity is conflated with confusion or complicatedness which are negative feelings. In actual complexity is separate and it is beautiful.

I want to be healthy and energetic. I want to make something. Recently I have been considering my overarching mission in life. What really drives me. Maybe I will talk about that tomorrow. It would be good to have it in writing.

It is always evolving but there is that HIGHEST level of motivation.

There's something higher, a purpose-built within my nature.

I am discovering what it is and translating it into my life by setting up systems of understanding.

Yawn, I think that it for now. Night.


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