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The Missing Unicorn - pt 6

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"You didn't have to come!" Flynn said defensively.

"Yes," Crustophe snarled. "I did, and you know it. You know what's happening back home, it's why you are here. I will die a thousand times before I let Her win."

"Let who win?" asked Isobel innocently.

"Oh, so now you're blaming me?" shouted Flynn as he materialized once more in front of the Unicorn.

"You are not important, little fairy." huffed Crustophe, preparing to strike.

"You just see a portal and you pop into it, because why not? You can do whatever you want, right? You... thug!"

"Who is this woman you're talking about?" asked Isobel once more, stepping in between Flynn and the Unicorn.

"She's no woman." Crustophe replied with a hint of humility, and bowed his head. His sharp horn shone brightly in the moonlit night.

"Ok, that's enough of that." grunted Flynn, with a voice so powerful it couldn't have possibly come out of such a small creature. He flew around Isobel's head, waving his wand. "You hear me, creature?"

"Oh, this is grand!" said Crustophe with something akin to a smirk on his long glowing face. "The little fairy is angry!"

"Stop blaming my people for everything!" cried Flynn.

"Will you two stop it already!" Isobel said firmly, stepping one foot hard into the ground.


Crustophe was startled and took a step back. Flynn readied himself. Isobel looked behind her to see Tiddles gawking back at the trio, with the playful curiosity typical of all felines when the moon is high.

"Tiddles, go inside, what are you doing here!" Isobel looked back at the two magical creatures and commanded: "You two knuckleheads stay put!"

Flynn's tiny translucent wings started beating, as he patiently flew one step closer to Crustophe and whispered: "Listen here, Unicorn, and listen good. This unfortunate accident has led you to a place of the utmost importance. You cannot begin to understand where you are or who this girl really is. She must not know anything more than she already does. You need to make yourself scarce, and fast. I will help. Together we can open a portal back."

Crustophe was listening intently. He didn't know what to do - the Fairy took him by surprise. Still, he was determined. "I will not go back empty-handed. If you're too scared to continue the fight, little Fairy, I am not scared. I will fight to the end if I must."

"You understand nothing."

"I understand enough." replied Crustophe sternly, finding his footing. Flynn felt that he was getting nowhere. He felt Isobel returning, and he addressed the Unicorn quickly: "You will ask her for a photo of her mother, and then you will go back."


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