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The missing unicorn Part 12


"I surmise, my dear Ratchard, that at long last you can see the usefulness of the Unicorns in preserving our Realm."

"Yes, my Queen. Your wisdom, as always, has prevailed." said Ratchard, bowing his head reverently.

The Throne room was empty save a couple of guards at the main entrance, and the Queen's handmaidens, waiting patiently beneath the archway leading into the Council room.

"Will someone please clean the carpets. They're full of glitter. Silver doesn't go well with red, wouldn't you say?" The Queen made a slight motion with her head, and two handmaidens hurried to do her bidding.

"Come, Ratchard, my loyal servant. I tire of these vast halls. Let us continue in the Council room."

"Of course." The Queen rose and headed through the archway, and Ratchard followed suit. He was a stern man, with strong arms concealed under a dark cloak. He walked with caution, going around the unicorn glitter that was scattered all over the floor in front of the Royal Throne.

As he stepped into the Coucil room, he saw the Queen whispering something to Layla, her most trusted handmaiden. The Queen of whispers, he thought. She thinks she has all of us fooled, wrapped around her bony fingers. Well, I guess we'll see about that, won't we?

"The Elder Unicorns will help us put those Druids in their place, once and for all. You've worked hard for this, Ratchard, rejoice. Have some wine, have a woman tonight."

"Your Highness is too kind." bowed the man.

"Now, I wish to be left alone." demanded the Queen.

"There is one more matter, my Queen."

"Ah. About my sister?"

"Yes." said Ratchard. "My sources tell me something very interesting has transpired in the Human realm."

"You said so. What is it?" snapped the Queen.

"Crustophe, the Unicorn commander that got away... He transported to the Human realm. I had him followed, and my ears tell me that he's in contact with your sister."

"Is there a way to know for sure?" said the Queen and gritted her teeth.

"I would have to go there myself."

"Then go!" shouted the Queen. "And don't bother me again with this nonsense about my sister, unless you have seen Her with your own eyes. She's been gone for a long time. She could be anywhere."

"Yes, my Queen."

"Now go!"

The man turned to leave, but then decided to continue: "One more thing, Your Highness."


"There is talk of a girl..."

"A girl?" The Queen raised an eyebrow. "What girl?"


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