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Riders of Ash pt 2

There are times when younglings are obedient towards their masters, and they usually emerge with a better outlook for it. To learn from one's betters is indeed an easy way to learn, for they have been through life and can usually detect when something's amiss. There are those times when young rebels decide that there's nothing to be learned in a particular instance, and thus proceed to act in ways contrary to the advice of their betters.

Tommy didn't obey much to begin with, but this time he was crossing a line. He thought about his master as he waited for the barmaid in the back of the Holiday Inn, and how he might get a thrashing from Horsiwald for not feeding the horses. Then he thought about the barmaid and her mesmerising lips as he expected his master to appear out of nowhere and interrupt Tommy's favourite past-time.

Ser Horsiwald had other business. His party was new, and the men were not used to one another; as their leader, Horsiwald needed to put things in order. He had a long talk with McFlevor, the band's cook, about what provisions they might need in order to feed ten men for a fortnight. He had Evan, a tall young warrior, skilled with a blade, be the designated armorer, and they listed the arsenal at the band's disposal. There were not enough swords and not enough arrows, and some of the men were missing headgear, as well as other assorted armor parts. This had Evan worried, as the peasants, four in number, didn't know how to fight, and would surely get wounded if not for the protection of their armour. They agreed to clad the peasants fully and the warriors would have to make do with what would remain. This worried Ser Horsiwald, since losing a warrior to a wound, or worse, would make the whole group less safe; but he had to agree with Evan for the time being.

Horsiwald then saw that the Innkeeper was paid, and laid out the plan for the group: at the break of dawn, everyone was to rise up and get ready; they could leave at a moment's notice. A few of the warriors started to ask questions, but Horsiwald cut them off and ordered them to sleep, with a promise of things revealing themselves the next day. After everyone went their own way, Horsiwald sat back on his pretentious chair and fell into a deep silence.


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