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Gaming weekend

I was a bit off this weekend, as I've said in my previous posts, so I recharged and now I'm feeling better. Tomorrow is a new day of staying indoors! Yey... (enthusiasm dies off like an old cassette player on those poor red batteries with the white "777" all over them)

We cooked and ate and generally sat lazily about doing little nothings. We tended to our hobbies: my wife enjoyed a sunny day in her little garden yesterday, and I sat down at the piano for a long session. I'm a bit rusty but I'm slowly getting my funk on. Just you wait!

Since we're still in lockdown, and will be for the foreseeable future, I knew I needed to try a new game. I must admit, after careful consideration, I weighed the pros and cons of spending more money on a Switch or less money on something else, and finally decided on going the cheap route. Seems safer, with all the mayhem that's going on.

Speaking of mayhem, I went on a ahem slightly different route than Kirstine. Although I watched a few trailers of Animal Crossing, and even though I still love the idea of taking care of cute animals, I decided that the Pits of Hell sound more appealing, and got knee deep in demon blood in the latest incarnation of Doom, the age-old shooter, this time aptly named Doom: Eternal.

Ah! Oh! The horror! How can you compare the cutest little furry friends with your twisted demonic satanist horror of a game? Well, I've been thinking about it, and it makes sense. They serve the same purpose, don't they? I too feel a bit bored and at the same time fully immersed in this creation. Sure, one is a heartwarming, wholesome, colorful world, and the other is vile and dead, and it feels so bloody satisfying to splatter those demons around.

I bet it's the same fuzzy feeling no matter the game. We all look to escape. So don't judge me a'right? Let the gates of hell open and the horrors of the night come forth!

I'll play something cute next week to make up for it... oh! something like Overcooked! Yeah, that's pure, joyful, family... fun... arguing, screaming, throwing controllers, namecalling, anger, fury, hate...

Yeah, maybe not Overcooked.

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