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Every day I have the blues

Piano: Chicago blues, done badly
Reading: almost ready to face the Demon King
Exercise: biking

Whenever life gets you down, it's good to know that there's always the blues. It might not do it for everyone, but for me, it cleanses the soul. There's this website called PianoGroove.com which I've been following for a while but never really got down to following their lessons. Their quality has improved greatly through the years and they teach many jazz and blues styles. However, I'm not on that level and I'm having a hard time following along. No matter! Learning just one of those tasty Chicago blues licks is just as soothing as anything I've ever done.


Yesterday, I took my bike out again. This time I went straight to the Delta. One loop is about 5.4km on Google Maps (about 3.3 miles) and there aren't that many people around, which means you can hit it like you mean it. I was able to maintain a high heart rate of about 150-160 with an occasional peak of 170. That's both bad and good - it shows that I'm out of shape, but it's good that I found a safe spot for it.

You can see how the trail looks like in the pics below. It's quite rough, certainly harder to tackle that smooth asphalt. It encircles the whole Delta and offers a good view all around. You can spot the inclined concrete slabs that were once meant to keep water in - this was supposed to be an artificial lake to provide water for the city. Built in the communist era, the project was never finished, and the idea abandoned. Now it is home to lots of species of birds and small mammals, in a naturally-formed delta which fascinates biologists worldwide. A few months ago there was a fire which burnt 3/4ths of the vegetation. I saw the smoke rising from my apartment.

Now, it seems as if the fire didn't touch anything. Abused and misused, discarded and forgotten, nature rises from the ashes of our destruction and lives on. There's no doubt in my mind that this is but a minuscule example of what will happen to this planet should humans perish: nature will take a small break and then it will come back in full force.

Biking trail on the Vacaresti Delta

The trail extends all around the old artificial lake


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