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Back to writing - writing goals

I usually don't like it when I take a break from writing here, because it means that I'm not feeling well. I've had a bit of a rough weekend, with my family relations in shambles, accelerated by the whole stupid Covid situation. My sister and I are developing quite a lovely bond; even though we never broke contact, I feel as if we are re-kindling from where we left it years ago, and that's good. But let's not dwell on that old thing too much.

I found that every time this happens, writing helps get me back on track very fast: it's like an adrenalin hit; and it works best when done in private posts, because I don't want to subject people to my ramblings. Some of these may fall through because I'm not that good at setting the privacy, but that's all well and good in the end because it doesn't really matter anyway.

So I'm back to writing and fretting about topics. But - I recall a post where I said I would set some goals. That seems like a reasonable idea, so let's do it!

searches archive

Aah! Here it is. Oh my gee, it's been 3 weeks already?! Time flies when you're having ... to cope with an ongoing pandemic.

Let's see. In order to write well, I need to read more stuff on writing, and then apply what I've learnt. Easy!


  • charge Kindle
  • read The Elements of Style
  • write 2 stories for Reedsy fiction prompts contests
  • establish a theme and a genre/subgenre for the NaNoWriMo novel

October 1st half

  • read Story Structure Architect - it's a little summary on structure, character and plot, and seems useful
  • one more Reedsy prompt
  • write one free-form short story
  • write one fan-fic story (Just finished BBC's Merlin, so I'm going to write a story in that universe)
  • establish main character for NaNoWriMo novel

October 2nd half

  • re-read Save the Cat! writes a novel - this time with notes
  • write one fan-fic story (I'm thinking Firefly)
  • establish a main setting, two secondary and one episodic characters for NaNoWriMo novel


  • remember you have to write a novel by end of month
  • panic
  • re-read NaNoWriMo book
  • panic some more
  • take a bath
  • write a 50k-word novel
  • read NaNoWriMo book as you're writing
  • panic


  • sleep
  • sleep
  • ...
  • wake up
  • forget to buy xmas presents
  • rejoice! 2020 is over

Ok, that's settled. Now, where is that charger?...


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