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A full week

Well, I did it, I've been working from home for a full week now - and what a week this was!

I did a lot of deploys at work, which means a lot of very meaningful grunt work: clicking buttons and checking graphs. Because our process is not fully automated, and because we have dozens of environments, it takes a long time. And it takes a lot out of you to do it. I'm sure tech folks can relate.

I missed a change in error rate and I screwed it up in one place. It was bad - 5% average error rate for one hour. It could've been worse I guess, it was a good thing that we caught it.

In other news, we're generally eating better now that we're stuck at home. We've stocked up on essentials and more, and we're cooking most of our meals; simple stuff, like eggs, salads or meat over rice or cous-cous. The steamer is back in use, and I hope it's happy for it, because I for one sure hate to clean it! So, that's good. We have a lot of veggies still and we're going through them at a steady pace. Nothing fried, nothing sweet. This has to be good for us right?

I need to start a morning routine that includes exercise. And writing - I could write my post in the morning like a normal person! And I could use it as an incentive for working out. Yes, I'm happy with that plan.

We've neglected to stock up on cleaning products and we're running low. I'm debating with my wife if we should only get what we need like responsible people, or if we should panic and stock up for a bit. Romania is not great when it comes to producing things, so we may get shortages on this front in the near future.

I started trading on Revolut - they offer 3 free trades a month, and it's available here starting this month. The stock market is varying wildly, and I hope to turn my $17 into something else - the "what" is to be determined; maybe I can work it up to $400 so I can get a Switch.

The cat is starting to emit unfamiliar sounds. She just meowed like an ambulance siren. Seems this damn virus is taking its toll on all of us.

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