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Doctor Prescribed: Unstructured Time

After the nurse took my blood pressure she mentioned it was a tad high. Once the doctor came into the room I asked him if this was something I should pay attention to. He mentioned that I should keep an eye on it periodically. However, he told me high energy and intense people, like myself, can be their worst enemies. It is absolutely necessary that I have allocated time every day for unstructured creative activity. He mentioned that this time can be the best way to keep focus and align.

This struck me. Regardless if this unstructured time spent is supposed to reduce hyperactivity, thus, decreasing blood pressure (most likely), it seems to be sound advice for all areas of health- well, from my interpretation.

I also interpret this "prescription" of unstructured time as a routine check-in and self-reflection point. It goes without being said, but creative activities can be rooted in reflection practices. The idea for this unstructured time is to realign yourself. Mentally or physically. Do what you have to do to get clarity and focus back. And most importantly, feel the confidence and power of having control to consistently allocate your time effectively to prioritize this period of instructed focus.

Our conversation then shifted naturally towards the influence knowledge or information has on health. For instances, he mentioned that there were some studies he did some time ago where they examined patients for prostate cancer. He prefaced the antidote by mentioning that a large percentage of men 80 years and older die with prostate cancer, not from it. He then went on to tell me how after there studies, they found many men with a small amount or early signs of prostate cancer. They (the group of doctors) were conflicted on if they should tell the examined patients that they have traces of cancer. The concern was that the idea that they have cancer would greatly change their mindset regardless of if it would actually have an impact on them directly.

This conversation brought light to my perception of the complexities of health and also the importance of mindset.


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