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The case for removing all folders from your iPhone home screen

This will be brief, disorganised and well intentioned.

Your iPhone as we know is home to myriad web portals of internet-based-fun. Lately, there is a trend for apps to have a pseudo-homeopathic focus. By this I mean seemingly good intentioned (like this post) with a priority of bettering oneself (meditate daily, journal daily and even write daily.) But they also all take £3.99 per month from you.

At first glance, my homescreen folders hide 13 apps with IAP (in-app purchases.) Meditate! Run! Home-workout! Cook four meals in three seconds! Rain noises! Dog relaxation music (a real thing)! Grow a bonsai tree for zen!

I leave them there with good intentions, waiting to be opened and used to better myself; note, I have not yet bettered myself using some or all of these apps. Many have lay unopened for such an amount of time that iOS has judged me defeatist and archived the app automatically on my behalf to save space.

£3.99 x 13 = £51.87. In fairness, there is usually a 7 day trial. Great!

Remove these apps, they're bating you into feeling bad. They're hidden in folders (the point of this article that I sort of am grasping at) and they sit there, waiting for you to double-tap the side button to Apple Pay them that internet-dollar.

When your apps are sat on your homescreen, laid bare like plucked chickens, you see what kind of clutter you keep hidden on your phone. When they are in folders, your thumbs have learned the neat muscle memory to bypass the stuff you have yet to try and jump straight to Facebook or whatever else you bought your £999 smart phone for. There is literally no need for folders. You don't use 400 apps on your phone. You use about 6. Delete that excessive shit. It'll make you feel better than a leaky £3.99 drip from your faucet for a bank account.


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