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We Suck at Willpower

So I went to another event yesterday. This one is about Vision of the Future. One speaker, a designer from Ueno, went up and talked about her New Year commitment. I love the way she phrased it, "Fuck resolution, we're here to make commitments." Hell yeah.

The reason she brought up New Year commitment is that in our digital information age, we can easily access everything we need, in split seconds. We can achieve essentially whatever we want as long as we dare to dream for it. Yet, we are our own bottlenecks. I am not saying that we're not doing well as a general human race; rather, we as an entity are facing new types of problems, such as filtering consumption (https://writetogether.space/posts/tinnei/filtered-consumption). We are given all the tools but our brain cannot keep up with it quite yet.

It's like now we got rid of all the survival level problems, now we're onto some real dark shit, something more innate and mental. One of the issues I've seen more and more is that we collectively have higher expectations for ourselves, and we innately suck at willpower, so it creates a high dissonate complex (I just made up this word).

I spent some good time researching productivity tools on Product Hunt, and not to my surprise, there are a lot of them. Some of them are really well made and really caught the pain points of productivity. For example, Makerlog, Maker Kitchen, Habitify, Focus, and Product Hunt Makers. Makerlog and Maker Kitchen are two tightly knitted communities where members hold each other accountable, and they celebrate successes. Habitify helps you keep track of your daily tasks and trends. Focus is a new tab extension that lets you make list and focus on tasks 25 mins at a time. (Am I a product review blog now? Probably just once in a while)

We're in a free world with free people who all have their own agendas and free distractions flowing around like oxygen. But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Practice internal investment and make use of external accountability.

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