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Understanding Human

Recently, I listened to the Recode Decode podcast interview with Glossier's CEO Emily Weiss. I love Emily's answer regarding raising money as a female founder when Kara Swisher kept pushing for a polarizing answer. "It doesn't matter whether you're a woman or man. Building a company is hard by itself. I am just here to build a kick-ass company". Emily was able to take a step back and refocus on the goal. She was able to throw away these unnecessary labels attached by the media on her which often time don't help but complicate the narratives.

I talked about self in my other post regarding putting ourselves out there in "Self Censorship and Self". We need certain identities and personalities when building relationships with others.

However, for solving problems FOR others, it helps to remove the self in the equation.

I am again working on another design challenge and I found it liberating to consciously remove myself during the process. (@Femke's video on how to approach design challenge helped a ton!!) In times, I do have emotions and issues with my personal life and all that. But when I am trying to solve a bigger problem for others, I have to put myself in others' shoes. That's how you understand your users (or friendlier, your people).

Before I mentioned, getting into a creative state of mind is hard. It comes and goes. I wish there's a more systematic way to approach creative problems. Now I figured, and finally understand, how getting in users' shoes will help.

When you think for the users and their pain points, you started to have directions. Just like when you talk to a friend, you try to come up with ways to help along the conversation. Luckily, there is already a system in place, the HCD design principles. I have learned it in school but now I am starting to see the bigger power in that.

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