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Towards Authentic Interactions

Today I want to talk about a trend that I have observed but don't see enough discussion of -- products that encourage authentic interactions.

Thanks to Black Mirror and social media break downs, tech well being has become a frequently discussed topic these past two years. The tech community has been taking serious actions, such as the built in Screen Time app by Apple themselves, to help users to be more aware of their tech usage. Apart from Screen Time, there is also a rise of mental health and meditation products that focus on helping the "you" in real life. Lots of voices from all around the world on how to take back control of your life -- "turn off your notifications", "delete social media apps" have emerged. (Better Ideas on YouTube)

These are great remedies that attempts to pull you out from technology. However, I don't think social media will completely go away. We human still love to interact with the outside world, which is why social media was created in the first place. Instead, I am seeing giant social media websites being broken down into smaller pieces -- single focused products that help you find your community, make better connections or help you improve on specific areas.

To name just a few, here are some products I've tried that spark authenticity (Thank you Product Hunt!):

  • Voice Roulette -- talk to random stranger in voice
  • Your Boss / Boss as a service -- assign you a personal boss to hold you accountable
  • Die with Me App -- talk to dying phones (<5%) all over the world
  • Snapper -- fun way to get feedback on your in progress work
  • And of course, Write Together -- 300 words daily challenge with a community

I have hope that we will continue to use technology for more good than evil; to improve our actual real life, to bring people closer and to make our experience on earth fuller.

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