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The Reality of Real Life

One of the best moment in 2018 is the night when I walked out of the Ready Player One movie and rain started sprinkling down. The Ready Player One movie was so surreal and visually stimulating that brought out a huge hit of contrast when I came back in contact with the world. Every drop of the rain felt hyper real. The air felt cooler and fresher.

I am always fascinated by the possibilities of VR/AR but have yet to grasp what it really means to our societies. Recently I read this TechCrunch piece on Marc Andresson's view on VR/AR. (https://uploadvr.com/andreessen-vr-bigger-than-ar/) He said VR will have more adaption than AR, which many people would think it's opposite to the current expectation. His reasoning here, "I just think that’s only true for people who live in a really interesting place in the real world. But only something like .1 percent and 1 percent of people on Earth live in a place where they wake up every morning and think, Wow, there are so many interesting things to see." This is maybe a media piece that grabs attention because it's contradictory view. Yet it has definitely got me thinking -- will technology be so good that we prefer a simulated world than the real life?

When I started my CS program back in college, I held a strong skepticism on technology in the back of my head. I hated how rectangle screens in dinner tables take away our real lives, the deep conversations and the fun of fighting boredom with each other. These doubts, I later realized, came from my background in art. I always wanted to be an artist ever since I was a kid. Capturing colors and observing the dynamic real world is my source of joy. But now I question, is this just a desire of my own? What does it even mean to have a fulfilling life anyway? I don't have an answer for this yet, and I don't think there will ever be a static answer.

"Historical periods could be identified by these systems of thought, just as the archaeologist identifies layers of history by the type of pottery at that time" We are living in a system of thoughts, and I'm just here dumping my thoughts as a small piece of data entry. And maybe, just maybe it'll compound into a wind that blows somewhere.

"The Truth is that technology means nothing in and of itself. ... in the end, technologies are just tools -- useless, static objects until they are animated by human ideas."

Anyways, thoughts are provoked by a very interesting book I'm currently reading, "Whiplash: How to Survive our Faster Future". Most likely I'll write more about this later.

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