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Suffer from Entropy

I just got off from an event at Asana called “Real Talk: Design through a New Lens”. It’s a self-organized event where Asana product, design, marketing lead and the founder all at the panel talking about their approach in building product and be real about what’s working and what’s not.

On the topic regarding the company then and now, I heard the term “suffer from entropy”. I found this term very interesting in that it's a mindset we tend to have, not just in companies but day to day. We tend to say “I miss how this and that was in the past”, or "it has been done so it won't work this time".

We give our past a lot of weight. Yes, it's good to be introspective. We should learn and grow from experiences and past mistakes. But "entropy" here also implies leftover resentments. Resentments that stall us and pull us back from making decisions. Energy got burned out and become dirty sad dust. Dust that you have to make effort to collect and make sense of. And we suffer. And we dwell on the past.

I have seen "suffer from entropy" happened to a lot of people - family, friends, coworkers, myself. Sometimes even the mentally strongs have this problem. The world is complex and not everything is in our control. We carry fear, we step away, we give up. We forgot why we are here in the first place, we lose our beginner mindset.

For companies, there are infrastructures in place and entropy can be reignited by putting good people and environment together. Companies can create once again clear goal and metrics to make people care again. However, I found it hard in personal life.

For me, I see myself stop caring about certain things and don't even find enjoyment in things I love to do in the past. Most of the time it's not because the thing changed, but because my mind attached a new, much grayer meaning to it. I told my childhood friend a few weeks ago, "I feel like things will never feel like before again" and we fell in silence. How do you turn entropy back into the once fiery fire again? I don't know yet. But at least, I'm collecting them.

PS: On finding what to write: I have started a Notion page to keep track of topics, eg: things I came across in the day that I would like to think more about, things I want to learn, feelings that I don’t understand yet. I found this to be a good practice knowing you will spend some time conquering these leftover thoughts every day :)

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