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Re: Stress Management

Inspired by Tyler's day 7 blog post, I decided I would use his prompt for today - "write about one thing that you're dreading, but that could reduce your stress by tackling it head on."

Currently I am stressed about a design task. The scope of the project is to design an entire flow for an app of a different territory. It is an edgy prompt and it requires imagination. I have been stay up for this but these nights weren't too productive.

What I have observed so far on my stress: I am not equipped to give an accurate estimation of my completion time. I need to come up with a systematic way to plan my creative routine and align my creative output relative to time.

I spent a disproportional amount of time on draft and couldn't get myself to work on the next step. I have this blocker in my head that I have to be certain before I move on.

Good thing is, today I found two good ways to tackle this creative blocks. I am now motivated and back on track. Still I would love to hear feedback from the community if there is any.

Number one, ask for feedback. Find friends who are idea generators or have strong opinions, then try to describe the problem statement in a way that can excite them to think together. Ask them to challenge your current assumptions. This helped me to branch out on my ideas and catch edge cases I won't have think of otherwise. This also gives me a head start on the presentation -- to talk about the design decisions in a holistic way. In terms of better planning, instead of planning for the end goal, plan for several times to gather feedback so I know I will be moving forward.

Number two, in the future, read broadly and push myself to retain information intentionally. The more we know, the faster we are able to identify what solutions work for different problems. I remember a mentor once told me the good thing about age is that with more experiences you see more options, thus you become more confident in making decisions. This reduces my stress because I know I am learning and it will contribute to better designs later.

The first one is an external hack and the second one is an internal hack. I think the conclusion for here is -- be aware of the stress and proactively strive for balance, the work becomes so much more enjoyable!

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