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Small talk, Big ideas

One thing I love about work life is that if you're in a right group of people and you open yourself to any conversations, you can end up learning a lot; not just work skills but a variety of other things in life. Work, unlike school, puts people from different background and ages together. So whenever we talk about a certain topic, I can always expect a diverse spectrum of stories and spark new connections. These conversations always stretch ideas further. I am fortunate enough to be working with a team of music, movie, gaming geeks that I can always rely on them to tell me all the interesting anecdotes in these areas.

Like another day, we were talking about how awful CSS is (can be better). This led to us uncovered the CSS experimental ground -- CSS zen garden. Then we went on to discuss the world of contributors who took CSS/JS to the extreme -- Wolfenstein, Quake, Doom. That was a time when Web 3D was not yet developed, and every scene had to be redrawn. Walking through the games, our minds were collectively blown away and ended up with a feeling of grace for all the hard working creatives before us.

Today, we shared another mind blowing moments. We talked about music gears, editing software and the future of them. We started with one team member talking about selling his audio interface, to the design advancement of audio interfaces, to how music gears always have an overwhelming number of buttons and knobs, to how modern music software trying to digitalize these audio interfaces with skeuomorphic buttons and knobs.

One thing we observed is that music makers loved their buttons and knobs. They may be overwhelming to outsiders, but the tactile form is essential during the making. Making music is an engaging act, the experience simply cannot be replaced by a single mouse pointer.

Then we explored the future of music with unlimited inputs -- the possibilities of AR/VR music editing tools -- it's already happening. There's this VR music editing software called Behringer DeepMind12 from Synthfest (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9MTlsA-wi4). Also bring different texture to the instrument can expand its inputs too. This entirely touch-based keyboard called Seaboard is revolutionary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh-hzbG5FzI).

We also talked about the magical quality of music as an art form. It's a multi-sensory art. Drawings and paintings are mostly visual. Music involves two sensory -- hearing and pressure from vibrating particle. Out of all inventions, music instruments are the most sophisticated object that isn't driven by pure functional purpose; it's driven by people trying different ways to experience the world. That's also why live music is such a big thing. I don't think this human experience will ever go away.

Now I know there are people out there trying to apply different textures, mapping different inputs that can bring us entirely different experiences, both in making and listening. The future of music is a super exciting one.

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