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Owning Up

It is Lunar New Year and my family is in town for the week. I got off work, met up with my mum, and the first thing she did was stuffing a pair of earplugs in my ear and had me listen to an audio recording.

The audio recording is wrapped in the form of "classes" on WeChat. A full curriculum with 50 daily check-in classes on life and success. The one she had me listen to is about "owning your choice".

The class explores a very interesting, actually quite obvious, way of thinking about entropy. The instructor quoted a line from "Thinking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. I don't have the exact line here but it goes something like this, "our brain is good at recalling what happened in the past but sucks at remembering the rationales behind them".

When ruminating about a current event that has something to do with a past event, we impose judgment based on mostly "what" happened in the past. We tend to forget the "how".

Here's an example used in the class, "Ah, if I didn't sell my Amazon stock in 2007, I'd have been a billionaire by now". (I was about to write the one with bitcoin, but sadly it's no longer relevant lmao) When people make this kind of statement, they are omitting why they took the action in the first place. And yet, the rationale behind the action they took back then is likely to be totally valid. In the example, the person lost faith in Amazon back in 2007 and would rather invest in other tangible property instead -- that was the rationale and the person had made a profit from this alternative investment.

Even the past was a "gain" but we often turn the narrative to a "loss" because it fits the story better for the moment. However, this kind of exaggeration effect usually doesn't help much, sometimes it even drains and paralyzes you.

Owning up to the choice allows you to trust your next move. I think that'll be a more effective way of living, and I'll try to practice that ;).

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