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Momentum and Consistency

I remember when I first got on this platform back in January, even though after a long work day, I would still have so much to write down. I was excited every day to write down my thoughts here. Maybe it was the beginning of the year, maybe it was something scary and new, or maybe it was “momentum” in a burst.

I have seen periods of momentum come and gone, especially clear during the past two work years — the first few months of a job, an exciting project, a new friend, a new relationship, a new neighbor, a new place. But like in my last post, I see plateaus in most areas. Now I slow down and look back, what are the things I did consistently for myself? Maybe my illustrations? That’s it. Probably that’s just it.

More and more I grew to respect people who keep their words. Doing things both good and consistent is HARD. It often happens either in early age when we have no distraction, or it happens as an after thought when you clearly know this is what you want to pursuit consistently, or simply faith.

When I was a kid, the adults always say things like “you don’t know what true stress is” or “just wait and see what life throws at you”. I spent a good chunk of time contemplating what they really mean. How can life possibly be worst? But indeed, life do gets “complicated”.

“The more you know, the more you don’t know” Life got all sort of spice. As you grow older, they get stronger and harder to sort out which is which. You get new opportunities, you jump on it. You meet new friends, you make time to spend time with them. You read a new article, you decided to add something new to your daily routine.

A life full of decisions and choices, and you kinda get lost in the water. You know you can go everywhere but you have no direction. And that’s maybe why we have the book “Principle”. We make rules and guideline for ourselves to have ease in between these vast streams of water. This is how consistency is found by tracing back.

(Ugh, so much rambling and didn’t wrap up the thought about “momentum”. I challenged myself to do this in the last 15 minutes of the day again and apparently my brain isn’t as prepared this time. I guess now these unfinished thoughts will be the material for my next entry then. :))

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