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Filtered Consumption

(I’m rushing to an event right now so again I’m typing on the phone! Excuse the bad grammar and surface level writing. This is more for picking out thoughts I want to develop, so not so informative)

In Whiplash, the author mentioned the most fascinating property of the human race is that we are capable of "thinking about thinking". The history of mankind has shown us the progress we made. For a good two thousands years and maybe more, we had frequent chaos and wars, and we still do, but not worldwide anymore. We can arguably say lots of things have become better. We're in the most peaceful era of humankind. This is all possible because we are capable of course correcting and finding maximum, both local and global, as a whole.

Back to the digital age, we are not perfect, and we’ll not likely ever be perfect. We do have problems. But problems are very different this time. Because of the connected new world and media, our problems are widely known. The problem is not on the shortage side anymore, eg. famine or uncurable decease. Rather, it's the overwhelming quantity of information. (Conscious Tinnei: here’s me speaking obvious fact again)

We built a giant monstrous machine that bleeds new baby monsters exponentially every day and we are not equipped to understand them yet. We are limited in our physical brain, in a sense.

Like any generation, we want our life to be a successful one. But “success” has a variety of meanings. It’s not just about money (even the metric money is getting challenged nowadays with the rise and fall of cryptocurrency) or fame. We are freer than ever to define the “success” of our own, and with each definition, we have a million path to get to there.

The catch here is that we consume information every day, but not necessarily wiser every day. We thought navigating information every day will get us to success eventually. But in turn, our efficiency suffered.

Instead of getting better at looking for information, we need to get better at setting up filters for the information. Aside from getting better at thinking, we also need to get better at thinking about thinking, once again.

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