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Common Ground

I went to another event today, totally spontaneous, a few hours notice event. It's #tweetup (meet up) with Twitter's design and research team to talk about design and research ;-). It was a short "cc" comment from my dear friend who always looked out for me, and one of the most encouraging person in SF that constantly pushed me forward. This time, it's the tweetup event.

It was a magical night. Talking to the people who put a lot of thoughts in the system, and as a newly active user, I resonate a lot. Twitter has been great for me this past year and I've met a lot of quality friends on there. I am infinitely grateful for the experience they provide.

We talked about authentic user experience, which is right in my lane Towards Authentic Interation. We talked about human impact on a large scale, not just make certain tasks easier but life long fulfillment. We talked about how to connect the right people together, how to jumpstart a person online knowledge network. We talked about the importance of top-down influence. (@jack)

It's amazing how much these people think about how to make your life more fulfilling on a daily basis. I went home and can't stop smiling about this encounter.

Then, out of somewhere, I started thinking about "common ground". Put the narrow margin and tough customer support cases aside, Airbnb's groundwork on brand strokes my core early on as a designer. It was in the B magazine, where the editor talks about Airbnb's mission in bring people together. People that are seemingly different in culture, in gender, in status, in careers can come together and find common ground. Diversity is not about ""oh you're different, you're in", but "you're different in labels yet we connect through our common ground".

Beautiful world, everyone, such a beautiful world.

PS: It's moment like this where I don't want to forget, I want to be here at writetogether and dump out all my thoughts. Thank you for existing

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