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Writing Tips & Hundreds of Other Ideas Waiting to be Written

I have so many things I want to write about. I have a method for keeping track of all my ideas. I used to just keep writing in journals until I accumulated two large trash bags full of journals. I am now diligent about moving the content I write in my journals, to a digital place, knowing someday I will have an outlet to express these ideas.

I am grateful to find myself here on this platform which seems perfect to help me babystep my way back into blogging.

One thing I've noticed along the way is I love technology tips and since I love writing I thought my first tip could be about a writing tip. This was inspired because another blogger on this site included tips on how their writing was achieved.

It showed up in the first few sentences so that taught me, how powerful the first few sentences can be on this site :)

In social media writing - it’s always good to know how many characters are shown across each medium. And when their link of your content gets shared (like in Telegram) how many characters does it display, how many characters of the description does it display, etc.

When I use Google Voice typing (like I am now) I can just highlight the paragraph above and quickly see how many characters I created in about three minutes of speaking, while sitting in one of the yoga postures I like (as I am now as I voice type). Voice typing the first draft allows me to easily flow my thoughts into text while also adding strength and flexibility to my body. Which is awesome for someone like me - a busy entrepreneur, volunteer and mom of two active and creative divine children.

Time for a word count. Wow that was only 270 words so far. I thought getting to 300 words would be fairly easy! When I'm voice typing everything flows out pretty quickly but as I start to edit and read my words, it I feel like there should be a lot more than 270 words for all the effort that's gone into the writing process.

I guess that’s my way of saying “wow” producing a few semi-coherent paragraphs is not as easy as it seems.

I love understanding data and it would be fun to time how long I spend writing. I already like the idea of being inspired to write daily. The concept feels like a daunting task yet I feel like I've heard it from other writers in history, that daily writing is important. I know part of my success will be transmuting the daunting energy into grateful inspired energy! Stay tuned and take part in my transformation.

If you are still reading - thank you! This site offers comment ability and as an entrepreneur and spiritual seeker, any feedback can be converted into helpful feedback by me. So please share your comments, critique, and criticism with me. I haven’t said anything controversial or button-pushing - YET… and I have been known to.

I have learned critique and criticism help me grow. So never be shy about sharing what you think. I am learning to be gentle with my fierceness. I’ve been told I sound like a judgmental bitch more than once… so if that old vibe rises up unpleasantly; if I ever step on your toes, I apologize now.

I know I write and exist for the good of all and the betterment of humanity. I really want us ALL to be better and do better - including our planet and all its life.

I am grateful to find you at this line in the post and look forward to whatever manifests next.



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