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Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy Coloured Diamonds Diamonds created billions of years ago by immense heat and pressure. In the trade of jewelry, colour diamonds known as fancy coloured diamonds. They have noticeable body colour when it seen by face up position. They differentiated by array of color, Saturation's and tones. Fancy coloured diamonds comes in almost any color. Red, green, purple, and orange are usually rarest, followed by pink and blue. Yellow and Brown are most common cooler of Fancy Coloured Diamonds. Out of Ten Thousand diamonds, only one is having a rare colour. Fancy Coloured diamonds having colour intensity between very light and vivid.

Fancy Colour Diamonds Value of rarity is the most significant factor in today’s Gems and Jewelry market. Fancy Colour Diamonds value is depends on strength of colour. It increases with the strength and purity of the colour. Large vivid color Fancy Diamonds are rare and most expensive and often sell in millions of dollars per carat. Blue diamonds are astonishingly rare. Only found in three areas on the Earth: India, Australia and South Africa.

Famous fancy coloured diamonds-

 The Koh-I Noor Diamond known as the largest diamond in the world. The cursed diamond that destroyed empires. It’s having a longest history and weight 108.93 carats.

Yellow Coloured Diamonds- Yellow diamonds introduced marketplace in the year of 1860 after discovering in mines of South Africa. Yellow Diamonds price vary because of weakness and strength of colour tone. The strength of colour tone also strength its looks and colour saturation. Fancy colour diamond with lighter tone describes as “weak fancies” and compare to this darker tone known as “strong fancies”. If we talk about the demand and supply of yellow colour diamonds is 50% originated from mines of Western Australia and the mine life remains only next 18 months as expert says. So in future yellow coloured diamonds became rare and historical.  The Sancy Diamonds is a 55-carat, light-yellow diamond which is the most famous fancy coloured diamond in existence. Originating in India and named as per its first verified owner.

 Tiffany Yellow Diamond is 287 carat diamond is also a fancy coloured diamonds family its colour is yellow. This diamond is having one more specialist that it is the largest diamond in this colour group. Argyle Pink Coloured Diamonds- Western Australia is the supreme leader where 95-90% Pink Coloured Diamond originated. Pink Diamonds holding rarest beauty of nature and miraculous treasure inside. Argyle Pink diamonds having beauty of light and emotions of Colours. Argyle Pink Diamonds are most rare on earth in the family of Coloured Diamonds. As you all know that nature recourses are very limited and decreasing day by day because of that supply and demand is very limited of Argyle Pink diamonds, this condition makes diamonds most precious. Upcoming days this beautiful and most natural Diamond becomes historical.  The hope Diamond is one of the famous blue diamonds in history. It is the fourth most expensive diamond in the World.  Moussaieff red diamond, The Darya-i Noor pink diamond, The Wittelsbach-Graff blue diamond are some example of most expensive and historical coloured diamonds. GIA certified Coloured Diamonds GIA is the world’s foremost authority of diamonds, which set the parameters of international parameters https://www.gia.edu/gem-lab-service/colored-diamond . Pearls and coloured stones and coloured diamonds are in the spotlight. They are continuously breaking records of world’s famous auction houses. There are no other stones on the planet that precious and beautiful as coloured diamonds so its certification of pureness is very important. The GIA Gemological Institute of America becomes the standard of evaluating these most rare Gems. GIA Certified Coloured Diamonds origin and identification described the colour grade of coloured diamonds.GIA certified fancy coloured diamonds are as per international standard characteristic color and assign a color grade. Investment in Fancy Coloured Diamonds- Colour diamonds is one of the best options to invest your money if you looking for long-term investment. Investment in colour diamonds is comparatively low risk with other investment options available in market like gold, real estate etc it describes some in below points.  Diamonds are not homogenous as like Gold price two pieces of gold same weight, looks and carat price are same even both pieces purchased from different stores. But in case of coloured diamonds its different same weight, the same looks and same design of two fresh pieces price not always the same because colored diamond prices differ on its color and cut.  Gold price varies on weight directly, but coloured diamond small diamond can be more costly than a bigger one.  The recent financial crisis also shows that gold prices are most volatile, and that they fluctuate with stock prices. So the investment in gold against the risk of financial drop seems unsuccessful. Diamond investment is appropriate for those investors who can keep the invested diamonds until the prices “mature” and it is profitable to sell them.  We can buy Gold from market but if you want to purchase colour diamond, you need expert advice otherwise it result poor quality gemstone buy. If the expert purchase diamonds for you then it s worth of single penny of your hard cash.  If we compare to real estate investment, we find both are hard assets and both are suitable who are looking for long-term investments but when market conditions fluctuates, and it turns financial crisis, the real estate price violating high and quickly but if we check history diamonds price more stable.

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