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Why This?

Since I've been unable to write yet. I think I'll go meta with this. Talk about why I started this. Overall I've always felt that the expression of my ideas could use work. Especially in the written form.

In person I can gauge reactions and understand when I've lost people, in the written form I need to be sure to be clear from the get-go. My hope is that with a lot more forced practice I can get better.

In general I tend to just write as it comes out of my head, no process or plan. This can be especially problematic because I have a tendency to jump from A->H instead of walking people all the way though my thinking. This leaves the reader confused.

The way I instinctually counteract this is to try and provide a lot of context to the discussion. This unfortunately can have a negative effect by confusing the reader with a lot of information that's around the topic at hand instead of the topic itself.

I'm writing this piece in the way I always do, as a stream of consciousness. This time it's to get in before the deadline and kick off my process but in the future I think I need to do a better job of planning and structuring my writings. Even a simple proof read would go a long way to helping identify my issues.

My process tends to lean heavily on getting my ideas out without thinking how they're released or the quality. Often assuming that it'll be good enough. This has left me without the work ethic to spend more time on creating quality writings that are easily understood by any reader.

I suspect many of try posts on this site will be in the form self-therapy and a stream of consciousness like this. Even though it's not the structured writing that I want to get better at I hope that as long as I try to do more structured writing, this unstructured writing will get better with practice as well.

Right now I'm curious if anyone will read this, including my future self. I hope there's some level of coherence to it.


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