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Silence Opening Draft

Sebastian looked up from his notes. It was 1 pm and his next appointment was waiting outside his door. He knew the man was there, he could feel his Zaidan through the wall. He’d read over the Hunter’s file and had been mildly amused by the reason for his referral; apparently, he had, along with his opponent, blown up Heaven’s arena, killed a few hundred people and killed the referee.

Sebastian rose gracefully, ensuring everything was neatly in place and that his qualifications were on full display. His Hunter card sat inside its frame, in between his qualifications showing that he was both a licenced Psychiatrist and an ex-Surgeon, on the back wall. He had found that his patients tended to either need reassurance or a reminder that he was more than qualified for his position. He also found that it was useful to observe just how much detail his patients took in when entering his office. The large, open window, the library on the platform above them and the warm log fire were carefully designed to both intimidate and simultaneously place his patients at ease. He’d chosen the chairs himself, placing them in the centre of the room, facing each other and far enough apart that his patients were able to relax, without ever feeling as if he was a threat.

He adjusted his waistcoat, took a breath and opened his door.

“Ryuu?” he asked, keeping his voice carefully neutral.

Sitting out in the waiting room Ryuu was feeling more than a little bit bored. He didn't understand why he had been sent here. After all, surely he'd done far worse things then have a little fight get a bit out of control? It's not like he had intended to kill the referee, it was Samael's fault. Still, he fought the temptation to just walk out, underneath the boredom was a small sliver of curiosity. After all, who would they trust with him?

Ryuu had been idly flicking through one of the magazines left out for patients when the door had finally opened, and he'd heard somebody calling his name. Putting on an air of being 'put upon' he let the magazine fall from his hand to the coffee table before him and stood up.

"That would be me," he said in a bored tone.

Sebastian stood aside to let his patient into his office. The man certainly appeared interesting. His red hair was styled up from his head and gave a new meaning to the term hot-headed. He wore a white and blue stylised circus outfit, along with high heeled boots and two gold, heart-shaped pendant earrings. His face was made up carefully; he had a star on his right cheek and a teardrop on his left.

Clearly, the man liked to make an impression.

“Welcome,” Sebastian said politely and gestured for his patient to enter. “I’m Dr Sebastian Lecter, please, take a seat.”

With a confident stride, Ryuu made his way across the waiting room, where the one he assumed was his 'doctor' stood and waited. Deliberately pausing for a brief moment before walking past the other and into their office.

It was a much larger room then he had expected, and much more homely then he had imagined while he’d waited. What caught his attention almost immediately was what appeared to be a hunter's licence, but in a different style to his own. Either this man passed the exam some time ago, or it wasn't real. Oooh how interesting he filed that detail away for later. Golden eyes sweeping across the rest of the room, taking in the large desk, the bookcases and then finally the fireplace which explained the warmth he was feeling. Not waiting to be told he strode over to the chairs, gracefully lowering himself into the one furthest from the door, and crossed one leg over the other. His ankle on his knee and watched for his doctor's reaction. Fighting the urge to smirk as he did so, instead, keeping his expression neutral for now.

Confident, arrogant and observant. Those were his initial impressions, but Sebastian knew far better than to judge a book, solely, by its cover. He had smelt the sweet scent of blossom on Ryuu’s clothing as he’d passed him; the only blossom in this area came from the tree in his back garden. Apparently, the Hunter was in the habit of scouting out a space before making his entrance.

And what an entrance it was. The subtle sway of his hips, the strategic nonchalance and the provocative placement of his long legs, all combined to telegraph a dangerous sexuality that Sebastian understood far too well.

Ryuu liked to play deadly games.

With a flicker of a smile, Sebastian strode calmly over and sat down opposite his patient.

“You make quite the entrance, Ryuu. Is that how you strode into The Arena? I hear you made the top floor, that’s quite the accomplishment, well done.”


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