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Silence - Garden - Z/R/E

Zaiger held up the still warm cup of Cinnamon Hell for Ryuu to take as the man wandered down the garden path.

“What on Earth’s gotten you looking so...you fucking had sex last night, didn’t you? You bastard. I’m not even sure you deserve this. In Sebastian’s house too, shame on you,” he chided jealousy and playfully pulled the takeaway cup out of Ryuu’s reach.

Ryuu chuckled as he approached the garden wall, took up his usual position and smirked at Zaiger. "Shame on me, yes. Sebastian told me to make myself at home, so I have done. Don't worry my bedroom isn't next to his, I didn't keep him up with my shenanigans." More like, he kept me up this time.

“Yeah, that never stopped you keeping half the corridor up back at the hotel,” Zaiger grumbled, handing Ryuu’s coffee to him. “Just don’t be surprised when Sebastian ‘accidentally’ slips some sleeping draft into your evening meal.”

If only you knew Zaiger, if only. "Well now you've spoilt the surprise," Ryuu retorted playfully as he accepted his drink. Opening the lid and breathing in the heavenly smell of cinnamon. "I'll never get tired of this coffee."

“Ohh, were you hoping he’d tie you up instead?” Zaiger teased. “Maybe dangle a Cinnamon stick in front of your nose?”

"Of course not, he's my therapist and I'm his patient. Pretty sure engaging in bondage with me would breach the code of conduct," Ryuu replied giving Zaiger a curious look. "Besides your the one who says I'm not his type or have you changed your opinion on that? You can tell me, it's not like I'm going to tell Sebastian."

“Good to know your sense of humour’s still intact,” Zaiger deadpanned and took a large swig of his drink. He nearly choked when he saw the front door of Sebastian’s house open and Ellie stride out in the shortest, most tight fitting mini-skirt and off the shoulder crop top he’d ever seen. The white strappy heels were causing her hips to sway hypnotically and he had to force himself to look back at Ryuu. “I hate you. I hate you so much,” he moaned.

Ryuu shrugged and smirked. "You've said that before, I'm sure we're in the hundreds now. I've been keeping count, although you don't normally moan when you say it. Usually, you glare at me, grind your teeth, huff, or facepalm. Guess that's a new one for the list hmm?"

“So this is where you keep sneaking off to my darling,” Ellie purred, wrapping her arms around Ryuu’s waist and pressing herself up to him. “Are you having a secret coffee date without me?”

She turned to Zaiger and grinned, looking him up and down with predatory glee. “I can see why. Can we share him?”

"Ellie?" Ryuu asked sounding more surprised than he'd intended, "I thought you were still asleep? It's hardly secret if it's in the garden you know, did Sebastian tell you I was out here?"

“He said to tell the glorious Agent Zaiger here that he’s arranging tickets for when you two can both leave the house,” Ellie pouted. “He wouldn’t tell me why.”

Zaiger choked again. “He’s fucking what?” Staring at Ryuu he asked, “Please, tell me you’re paying her to do this to me. This isn’t real. Someone, pinch me...Ouch! I didn’t mean it...”

“So-rry,” Ellie singsonged. “But you're just too tempting I don’t know how Ryuu keeps his hands off you?”

"He's straight, allegedly," Ryuu mumbled, "Also why would I need to pay my girlfriend to do things? I think you'll find she's very much a force of nature in her own right."

“I’m considering my options, OK?” Zaiger grumbled. “And...a man can dream, God, damn you. You can’t seriously be fine with her talking to me like that...why is she looking at me like she wants to eat me? Ryuu...”

"She probably wants your lollipop?" Ryuu said playfully, "Seriously Ellie, Zaiger is my guard and even if he did return my interest...which he doesn't, he'd lose his job. You wouldn't want Master's friend to get fired now would you?"

“He wouldn’t get fired if I gave it a lick then,” Ellie purred, running her tongue over her lips and sliding her hands down Ryuu’s chest, delighting in the way Zaiger’s eyes followed the movement. “We could put on a show for you, Ryuu-san. I know how much you like to watch me work...”

“Oh, fuck, I’m so losing my job,” Zaiger whimpered. “Fuck...Ryuu...does she come with an off switch? Please...”


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